Love and Baseball excerpt


Lexie Faison never wanted to be a hero, or an outcast. But when her roommate is drugged at a fraternity party she springs into action, setting off a criminal investigation at her college that divides the student body and focuses national attention on the school. Determined to finish her physical therapy degree in spite of all the animosity, she moves off campus, where one of her roommates is a First Nations teen trying to escape his own past.

Drew Chenoweth’s lacrosse skills and his baseball talent have earned him a scholarship to the same college, along with an introduction to a whole new world that plays by a different set of rules. Falling for upper classman Lexie is risky for him, since many of his teammates are part of the fraternity under investigation. As he’s pressured to get Lexie to revise her testimony, Drew realizes he’s fallen for the headstrong social activist and he’s not about to let her face this battle alone.



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