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A Heart of Stone

In addition to writing and editing, I enjoy creating visuals.

So I’m starting a new feature on this site, titled “Character Pages” which will feature some of the graphic novel art for my paranormal couples. Links and content to some of the Character Pages should be up soon. In the meantime:


WSC Asian Man Black Woman promo graphic for this website.


The Stone Sentry, Karnage Xian has fallen hard for a witch named Pagan.


A Gargoyle in Paris – featuring Karnage and Pagan (low resolution)


The Gargoyle Crown Prince Karnage and his love, the witch Pagan.


Karnage and Pagan collage. Gargoyle profile from vector stock 855693


Interracial Love – Karnage and Pagan



Khosi, an African Vampire. Vampire background images created by vld-chk on cgtrader.com.


This talented artist’s full name is Chumak Vladislav and more of his work can be found here: https://www.cgtrader.com/vld-chk

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