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Writing, Reading, Editing and more Editing

YES, I have new books coming out. 

Thank you readers, for your patience. 


Pictured: The witch Pagan and her Gargoyle lover Karnage Xian



Pictured: Lovers Karnage and Pagan


Pictured: Vampyres Khosi, Yuri and Irina



Pictured: West African Witch Lilith and her champion, the Vampyre Yuri


This stunning background illustration was created by Dietrich01 from PIXABAY.COM


Title: Magician by Dieterich01 (username on Pixabay). His full name is Lothar Dieterich

Link to pic: https://pixabay.com/photos/magician-forest-wolf-fantasy-mood-3047235/


Link to Lothar Dieterich’s PIXABAY page with more of his work: 




Lilith wears custom Schiaparelli fw21 couture



Promo for Haitian Warlock Ronin Bey. Ronin is in love with the witch Ondine.


Pictured: New Orleans Witch Ondine and Ronin Bey




Pictured: Yul Sukari hugging Rhea Chappelle



Promo for Yul Sukari, NCAA basketball player



Yul Sukari and girlfriend Rhea Chappelle



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