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A Discovery of Black Orishas

Orisha, from the Yoruba language is also listed as Orixa in Latin America. The word means Deity.

West African Orishas are vividly imaged by photographer and digital artist James C. Lewis, from a 2013 article in BUZZFEED by Donna Dickens:

Aganju – click his picture to get more information



OBA – click her picture to get more information



Osanyin – click his picture to get more information



See the full article with additional deities and info here:

Link: https://www.buzzfeed.com/donnad/these-african-deities-are-the-best-gods-youve-never-heard-of


My fictional sister witches:

Pictured: Ondine, Lilith and Pagan, my fictional witches dressed in black latex.


Witches 3 portrait


Pictured: Ondine, Lilith and Pagan



WITCH promo – Ondine, Pagan and Lilith



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