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I made more promos for The Saint of BOYStown, a New Adult IR (Interracial romance).

Here’s a scene from the novel:


Tanner Joseph
Tanner Joseph, from the ebook The Saint of BOYStown


Lovers Tanner Joseph and Nathalie Childress, from the ebook The Saint of BOYStown



Pictured: Nathalie Childress and Tanner Joseph, from the IR romance The Saint of BOYStown
Pictured: Nathalie Childress and Tanner Joseph, from the IR romance The Saint of BOYStown


Pictured: Tanner Joseph and Nathalie Childress from the IR ebook The Saint of BOYStown


Pictured: Justin Ybarra, Tanner Joseph and Cody Childress, from the IR ebook The Saint of BOYStown.


There’s a lot going on in this book. There’s race, romance, economic disparity (and not just on the black folk side) That’s all I’ll reveal for now.



Go away Tanner. Go far, far, away. He doesn’t. Instead of pulling out a chair like a normal person would, he leapfrogs over the top of the backrest and plops down next to me, with a tray full of food I’d never eat. I’m allergic to vegetables. I won’t eat rice with gravy, but I will snack on rice with butter. Tanner quizzes me on the lack of eats on my tray, to which I repeat that I’m veggie intolerant.

His eyelashes flutter downward and his fingers steeple as he says grace. There are teachers and other students watching, just as shocked as I am at Tanner’s transformation. When he stops giving thanks he starts in with questioning me. “No, really? You really can’t eat vegetables?” he asks, mixing everything on his plate together before shoveling the stuff in his mouth. It’s such a Cody-like move. I give him a nod of assurance that my lie is the truth. I also can’t stop gawking at all the different foods he’s mixed together.

One side of his face balloons as he tries to eat and talk. “Yeah, Cody convinced me and Justin to eat this way.”

“I didn’t say anything.”

“You didn’t have to.”

Oh, boy. I’ve been told my emotions are written all over my face. “I just never agreed with Cody’s theory on how to enjoy food,” I explain. Tanner munches and nods, shovels more food, then munches and nods as kids greet him. I get a good look at his profile as his facial muscles work. His blackish brown hair is shorter on the sides while the top waves upwards and away from his forehead. Tanner’s more on the slender side. He’s not as muscular and cut like Justin, but as he hunkers down over his food the short sleeves of his shirt rise over well-toned biceps. His elbows take up a lot of territory on the table, so I just sit back and enjoy the view. One leg bops continuously, as if dancing to an imaginary beat. Like most guys in school he’s wearing jeans. Around here its either a pair of jeans or khakis. And like most guys he manspreads those long legs of his.

Once Tanner gets his fill of solid food a milk carton is drained in record time. Yusef Ybarra comes over and slaps Tanner’s palm, and they talk a little about how Justin’s doing. Yusef pulls out a chair, and like the gentleman he is, he pulls out another one for the girl at his side. To say the Ybarra brothers have female admirers would be an understatement. They’re rock stars at this school, and the girls who trail them are more like groupies. Okay, maybe “groupie” is too harsh. Let’s just say they’d hang on Justin’s every word, and now they’ve transferred their adoration to Yusef. As the fellas converse, my eyes shift from Yusef to Tanner, almost like I’m watching a tennis match. Tanner has straight dark brows and hazel eyes. His voice is deep. And it’s really soft. Sometimes it cracks when he wants to make a point or when he laughs. There’s a lot of “yeah” “wow” “aw man” and “awesome” being passed between the two of them. Oh, and a great deal of head nodding as Tanner listens to Yusef. All I can say is that Yusef’s’s gonna be a heartbreaker in a few years. I’m sitting here observing all this, and I realize something. I’m steadily being pulled into their orbit.


“Huh?” I think I’m on a time delay.

“I asked if you’re alright,” Yusef says. “I heard about your fight with Mason. Just say the word and I’ll flatten the guy.” Yusef’s expression is like one of those comic book characters with hammer like fists breaking out of the panel as they swear vengeance.

“It’s okay, I can take care of him.” I’ve got my own plans for Mason.

Tanner’s brow goes up. I can see he’s intrigued at my answer. I ask Yusef about Justin, if he’s up to having visitors. Yusef says he is, but his voice trails off. I think we’re all trying to process what happened, we’re all dealing with the accident in our own way. Yusef takes his frustration out on his wrestling opponents. Tanner’s apparently found religion. And me? I guess I’m the most driven. And the most desperate, ‘cause I simply wanna wipe Mason Drury off the face of this earth.


~~~~~End of Except~~~~~

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