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The Love and Ballet Series Begins

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Weak and disoriented as he finally slid into her, all Imani could manage was a feeble caress along his arm. It wasn’t fair. She was so crazy about him.
Sensing her despair, his movements slowed. “What’s wrong?”

How could she put it into words what she didn’t understand? “Why are you doing this . . . like this-”

The bed stopped creaking. She felt his eyes on her, trying to read her expression. “Don’t you want me to love you?”

He probably didn’t realize how loaded that question was. “I do. I want you to love – to make love to me.”

After getting the go-ahead, instead of measured thrusts, Hui acted on pure unbridled lust. Now he was simply fucking her, rough and without any inhibition. This was brutal, take no prisoner’s sex. The kind that played on the Discovery Channel, where the male lion mounted the female and just went at it, until his roar of pleasure echoed from miles around. The female? Well, unlike Imani, she didn’t have much choice. When things slowed down to hard grind, the air escaping and gathering in Imani’s lungs blasted hot as a furnace.


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