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My prayers are with the grieving families in Paris, and the nation of France as that country deals with another senseless act of terror.

Listening to: “You’re Been My Inspiration” by The Main Ingredient featuring the late, great Donnie McPherson.  Donnie’s sweet, clear voice graced hits like “Spinning Around” “You’ve Been My Inspiration” and “I’m so Proud.” Most people know The Main Ingredient by their later hits, like “Everybody Plays the Fool” with Cuba Gooding as their lead singer.

The Main Ingredient original members, from left to right: Luther Simmons, Jr, Donnie McPherson, Tony Silvester



For me, TMI will always be at their best during their hits featuring Donnie M. Please take a moment to listen:



Sometimes when I work on a novel an idea for a new story will pop into my head. I try to table any new book ideas until I release the others in line, but there are instances when the “voice” of a character or a story line comes flooding into my thoughts so strongly, that I have to write the info down right there and then.

So while HUI will be released shortly, I’ll also have other novels on sale that I’ve completed.


Imani Fairchild as the black swan, in the ballet Swan Lake
Imani Fairchild as the black swan, Odile, from the classic ballet Swan Lake – edited stock photo



Upcoming novella couple:



Interracial lovers - Low resolution pic
Interracial lovers – Low resolution pic



NIM nature portrait watermarked
Double exposure portrait of NIM

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