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It’s Saturday, so in addition to working on my writing I work on book promos. I found a great werewolf pic by Rhabwar Troll Stock. Since the artist gave permission on his site regarding usage (attribution in addition to other stipulations) I’ve paired it with a digital manipulation I’d done on the werewolf character of Andre Santana, who’s featured in several of my paranormal ebooks (Razher, American Werewolf and NIGHTSTALKERS)


Andre Santana turning – Photomanipulated Werewolf by Rhabwar Troll Stock/DeviantArt



Promo for the NIGHTSTALKERS:



NightstalkersPictured from left to right – Ronin Bey, Fire Drake, Ash the Hellion, Andre Santana, Werewolf, Karnage Xian, Gargoyle



Jukebox promo with music notes watermarked
JUKEBOX Vol One – IR historical romance







To be continued . . .

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