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HUI news:

This book has been quite a journey. My research included ballet, the culture and history of North and South Korea, The Korean War and its aftermath, Korean food and drink (baby mice wine is real, y’all). In addition, balancing the erotic romance elements with real world issues gave me pause. Love can’t cure everything, but this is a romance, so I went for a HFN (happy for now) instead of a HEA (Happily ever after). What I hadn’t counted on was the lack of visuals to help inspire my scenes. When I write, I have to “see” the characters. And there just aren’t enough stock photos with sexy Asian males. Especially Asian males in romantic scenes with a black female. So I had to create my own:


Hui Collage2
Le Jong Hui, Korean ballerino collage (low resolution)



Jpegs for my new HUI gif promo

Imani Fire frame1 copy
Imani Fairchild GIF Frame1




Double exposure pic of for HUI2 copy
New promo pic for HUI




Hui and Imani dancing1 copy glow added
Le Jong Hui and Imani, from their feature spread in Esquire Magazine



With HUI done, I’m going to release Confessions of a Shapeshifter next, because Andre Santana’s origin story is in that book. Andre’s now part of my NIGHTSTALKERS series:


New Nightstalkers promo small size

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