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March Madness Marches On!!

Hold on, because Hui and The Player are coming. 

Imani and Hui kissing copy with effects added copy
North Korean defector falls for African American ballerina in the interracial romance HUI


I didn’t meet my own deadline of this weekend, but the books will be out in the coming days (this week).

I’ve decided to put The Player in play during MARCH MADNESS, as well as a few other novels. The novels will be .99 cents and also be available via Kindle Unlimited. Only  HUI will be priced at $2.99.

I’d like to once again thank everyone who purchased AT LAST. Torii Theas is also in The Player, but I made sure to focus on the main couple, Kyle and Harlow.

Since I’m so close to releasing these two books, I’m not putting up anymore excerpts from these two novels, however an edited excerpt from

RUSH: The Book of Aaliyah is now up:


Rush 2 Low resolution
RUSH: The Book of Aaliyah continues where RUSH: Suicide Kings left off.  Interracial romance featuring a Somali Bantu and a member of an Outlaw motorcycle gang

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