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Another delay on the ebook HUI

I’ve made a decision not to release HUI until this month (Dec), so I must apologize for the delay.



Imani, from the ebook HUI.
African American ballerina falls for North Korean ballet dancer in the ebook HUI










I just think I need to do more, or basically push myself to do better with this important story line. Yes, at it’s core HUI is a romance. But there are other pressing issues that I must balance in addition to telling this tale of a black ballerina. To that end, I don’t know how I missed this article and the beautiful, inspiring cover:


Pointe Magazine
From left to right: Ashley Murphy, Ebony Williams and Misty Copeland



Beyond Role Models Straight talk from Ashley Murphy, Ebony Williams and Misty Copeland

By Alicia Graf Mack

Published in the June/July 2014 Pointe Magazine

Link to the full article:


Take a good look at their pointe shoes, because hues that are closer to the skin tone of a dancer of color are just one change ushered in by diverse students and performers in the world of ballet. I have a scene on the process of re-coloring a ballet shoe in the book.

Another article in the mag that should be read:  Behind Ballet’s Diversity Problem How top companies and schools are tackling the issue

By Joseph Carman

Published in the June/July 2014 Pointe Magazine




I also found this stunningly beautiful photo on WIKI Commons:

Paunika Jones Ashley Murphy and Cira Robinson_in_Robert_Garland's_Return
Paunika Jones, Ashley Murphy and Cira Robinson in Robert_Garland’s “Return” photo courtesy of Robert Garland




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