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Stock up September!!

Before September ends, pick up the **FREE** Wikkid.Sexy.Cool. Book Sampler on Amazon starting Sunday, September 28th   Or Monday, Sept 29th, because it takes a bit longer for a book to go “live” on Amazon now. 

I’ve been busy writing and honoring my promise to create more works with Asian, African, and First Nation lead characters.

I’m calling this promo Stock up September, where expanded excerpts from many upcoming novels will be featured. Some examples:


Gaijin promo2 small


I did a couple of mock up promo posters using different effects.

Gaijin promo2a small



Gaijin promo1 copy2



In the land of the rising sun a free woman is enslaved, until a Samurai pledges his sword . . . and his love 

GAIJIN final2A cover



I realize historicals may not be for everyone, so I’ve also got a few contemporary novels with diverse leading men that may appeal to readers. But I truly enjoy researching and writing historical novels for women.

The Prince promo2 edited with watermark
The Prince, a character featured prominently in the scifi time travel novel Miss Brighton’s School for Exceptional Young Ladies which also features magicians of the 19th century. The Prince is from India.


Miss Brightons School for Exceptional Young Ladies5 extra small copy



Here and Now promo2 small
This romantic suspense novella is set in Thailand. Jada Guyett is a human rights lawyer/activist. ICE is a very bad man who’s very good at what he does.



Here and Now resized with watermark



A brief except will be up shortly.


Here and Now watermarked





Another contemporary novella features characters who are also in The Player:


Adam and Eva1 cover glow added small size



There’s also Love and Baseball:

Love and Baseball. Canadian First Nations teen falls for Barbados beauty
Love and Baseball. Canadian First Nations teen falls for Barbados beauty


Love and Baseball novella
Love and Baseball novella



Chinese Gargoyles are featured prominently in RAZHER, Rise of the Gargoyles



Xian brothers, from Razher Rise of the Gargoyles
Xian brothers, from Razher, Rise of the Gargoyles


The bulk of my time has been spent on The Player, since that’s the next release. However, when the creative spirit hits, I jot down plot points for other novels, and also ideas for pairing completely new couples.





Hui is the tale of two ballet dancers who fall madly in love.

I’ve also decided on the cover for the second RUSH novel.


New Cover for RUSH 2A small copy
RUSH 2 The Book of Aaliyah



Biker man and girl sits




More to come . . .


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