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Not Your Average Contemporary Heroes

HEAVEN will be up this week, although I may have to change the date again, this time to the 18th  the 19th.

I got a creative burst just before publishing it, so I decided to pull the ebook and include the new info. My marketing/promo for the full novel will be an eleven chapter, two day free download.

Free Eleven chapter download  starts tomorrow on Amazon!

Before I Let go ebook cover. Damon Salas, Traumatic brain injury, Dominican/Puerto-Rican hero.


Unspoken ebook cover. Trayvon Wilfredo-Lima, deaf Afro-Cuban teen hero
Sneak Peek promo ebook of HEAVEN. Josh Duval, PTSD, physically challenged hero


















And yes, I changed the first name of my Afro-Cuban character in honor of Trayvon Martin.




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