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    Just the way You Are





    Drawn to You



    A secret tryst results in an acclaimed portrait that ties a model forever with the artist.


    Akeel’s a gifted artist who gets raves for his web site designs and graphic comics, only he can’t seem to win over Layla. He’s drawn to her in more ways than one, especially after Layla disrobed on a dare and let him paint her, and now it’s his best known work.

    But Layla’s no longer the girl in that painting, the one where her voluptuous curves were proudly on display.  After dropping over sixty pounds, guys who used to taunt her in high school now want to date her, and so-called friends are only too quick to remind her of how heavy she used to be.

    Trapped between the snarky girl she once was and the femme fatale many assume she’s become, Layla’s not sure she’s ready to risk her heart again, even though Akeel’s more certain than ever that they belong together.©







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    Immortal Beloved


    Raquel Santos is a palliative care nurse and she’s Dominican. Hypnos AKA Hype is . . . well, let’s just say he’s otherwordly, as in Greek Mythology, the stuff of dreams. But he’s also still living with his parents and fighting with his brother Death. When there’s a mix-up regarding the hound from Hades, Cerberbus, and the big beast lands in Raquel’s care, she  renames the canine “Sweetie” and has him working as a therapy dog at the hospice where she’s employed. Raquel won’t return the dog when Hype comes to collect him . . . and well, that’s all I’m revealing for now.  Because in the paranormal novella Immortal Beloved, the mythological deities of ancient Greece walk among us as movie superstars, egocentric cosmetic mavens and seducers of the unwary, like Raquel.

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    WSC Book Sampler

    The WSC Book Sampler is almost complete. I think the change to this mock up cover will be a different background. But I’m also going to write a blog post to give easy to follow instructions on how an author/cover creator can use a few programs like Paint.net (which is free) or even Adobe Elements (not free, but not costly) to make their own cover designs.


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    Wikkidsexycool book sampler