African American Literature Today

I’ve really been lax in posting on the blog section of this site. But I plan to remedy that with a research piece I’m working on regarding African American fiction, its current genres and sub-genres. First, I’d like to congratulate the NY Times best selling writing team behind the series “The Cartel” Ashley & JaQuavis

The Cartel Four on USAToday book chart



As per the above screen shot, The Cartel 4 first entered USA’s chart at #69, and that’s proof of the popularity of this series. As I compile information on the state of African American fiction, I’ll have more info on the established genres and sub-genres of popular African American novels, from noted historical romance author Beverly Jenkins, to the top writers in Interracial Urban Romance. If you wish to follow the progress of my research, please use this link: Celebrating the modern writer: African American Fiction today


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