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    Fire Man

    Ronin Bey is a warlock who fell head over heels for a beautiful witch. For daring to love a woman engaged to another mage, their romance has been cursed . . . for centuries.

    Firedrake Warlock Ronin Bey


    New Orleans native Ondine St. Gauthier
    New Orleans native Ondine St. Gauthier


    Pictured: Ondine and Ronin
    Pictured: Ondine and Ronin



    I happened upon this wonderful painting called “Three Generations” by talented artist Melinda Byers:

    Three Generations by artist Melinda Byers


    View more art by Melinda Byers here and also on her website


    So, I thought I’d try a digital paint effect on this promo for Ondine, Pagan and Lilith:


    Trio of Witches
    A trio of witches: Ondine with her parisol, Pagan in her bowler hat, thoroughly modern Lilith.


    Pictured: Lilith, the eldest and strongest of the witch trio