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    Teach Me Tonight

    Play Ball:

    Rhea Chappelle realizes resistance is futile once big man Yohan Sukari turns on the charm, in the New Adult erotic romance One on One:


    Pictured: Rhea Chappelle and Yohan Sukari from the erotic New Adult romance One on One.






    Adults at play:


    Click the pic for an excerpt of this upcoming erotic IR romance


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    Big Love

    He’s a comedian. She’s an up and coming singer in the 1950s during segregation:


    The chanteuse Contessa Earle, and her husband comedian David Latimore, from the decades spanning novel The Queen of Comedy



    Big Love for Rhea Chappelle comes in the form of big man on campus Yohan Sukari, in the new adult ebook One on One



    Pictured: Rhea Chappelle going for a jump shot in the ebook One on One.



    One on one female athletes depicted



    Nyesha and Takeshi, from the erotic Interracial ebook SENSEI
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    Wakanda Forever!!

    Comic book nerd here, from wayyyyy back (DC’s Metal Men was a favorite) Yes, I read Spiderman, Superman, the X-Men among others. Black Panther/Black Leopard was another fave, so yeah, I’m glad about the movie.

    I must also give props to Wesley Snipes as BLADE.

    Blade promo poster


    Scifi channel has Blade playing on demand this month, and I still enjoy that groundbreaking movie. The opening scenes where Blade makes his entrance during the vampire rave is visually arresting:

    Wesley Snipes as the half-human, half vampire BLADE
    Wesley Snipes as the half-human, half vampire BLADE, just before the action starts.


    Wesley and the gorgeous N’Bushe Wright were the male and female leads. Wesley was a co-producer and also did most of his own fighting scenes, since he’d studied martial arts. 

    Now its Black Panther ‘s time to shine. Congrats to director/screenwriter Ryan Coogler and the cast and crew of this wonderful film.

    Chadwick Boseman portrays the hero Black Panther
    Chadwick Boseman portrays the royal, cool as hell hero Black Panther



    The beautiful and powerful Dora Milaje
    The beautiful and powerful Dora Milaje. Featured from the left: Danai Gurira and Florence Kasumba.


    I’ve included links to a few articles that may be of interest:

    Link: https://www.theroot.com/on-black-panther-black-leopard-and-the-politics-of-bei-1822489281

    Link: http://www.vulture.com/2018/01/christopher-priest-made-black-panther-cool-then-disappeared.html


    Not much more to add, especially with another school shooting, yet another American tragedy. My prayers go out to all those affected. 

    Hope to see Black Panther this weekend saw it. Loved it. Great cinematography, costumes, acting, and the dramatic story line twist (T’Challa finding out his father made a choice that came back to haunt the entire tribe) was utterly heart wrenching and to finish editing books.


    Gargoyle animation
    Karnage Xian , Gargoyle. Edited stock photos. GIF Created in GIMP



    Sensei promo with Takeshi kneeling
    Takeshi and Nyesha from the soon to be released ebook SENSEI



    Man on Fire – Ronin Bey, Fire Drake. This GIF was created in GIMP
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    Back Among the Living

    I hate getting sick. For the past two years bronchitis has kicked my ass and then some.

    I’ve got a lot of  catching up to do, so my apologies for the delays. Time to get back to work.


    Pictured: Nyesha and Takeshi, from the erotic IR romance SENSEI


    shibari man1 edited_watermarked




    His eyes darted from hers. “You are a woman who knows about men. Is this not so?”

    “Er . . . yes, it is.”

    “I want to know, I need to learn about women. How to-how to make them happy.  How to pleasure them.”

    She sat down on a white leather lounger that was so buttery soft her rear end bobbed in delight. Oh yes, she could get used to this. No more sleeping or walking across a cold floor, not when he’d revealed that all the floors were electronically heated. Her smile radiated warmth at the thought. “Okay, what are you into?”

    Takeshi cocked his head. “What into?”

    “What do you like, what do you fantasize about, what would you like to do to me right now?”

    He seemed to be taken aback at her directness. After an excruciatingly long silence, he blurted, “To have you pose, like in art class. I-I would like to draw you without your clothes on.”

    Her face registered a whole lot of Really? Really dude? That’s what you wanna do? Draw me instead of fuck me? Nyesha sighed as she stood up, inwardly vowing that no matter what, his lounger would be leaving with her after all this was over. “Will you unzip me?”

    He snapped to attention, quickly coming to her aid as she turned around. The zipper came down slowly, the air cool on her back as more of her skin was exposed. With a flick of her hand one shoulder was freed, then the other until the dress slithered down her waist. Before he could step back, in a husky voice she ordered him to touch her breasts. “Go ahead and feel them. It’s something that turns most women on.”

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    Download December 3!

    Free excerpts in a number of genres will soon be available. I use these excerpts as promotional tools, and the extended excerpts can be downloaded from Amazon.com. Kindle has free software for a MAC or PC, to read ebooks. Download December will start on December 26th.

    Here are a few extended excerpts that will be Free and the dates:


    SENSEINigerian beauty and Japanese businessman begin an unconventional romance. Free excerpt dates TBA

    Another Sensei promo edited



    The Player: NFL quarterback falls for divorcée and bar owner from Trinidad.

    Download the free excerpt on 12/26 – 12/27


    Player promo small copy with text copy


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    Trigger Warnings

    Free Sneak Peeks go into effect tomorrow, Oct 31st until Wednesday, Nov. 2nd for the upcoming ebooks Ivy League and The Gorgeous Nothings, Bree and Stone.

    I’ve got a couple of books that I’ve decided to label with a trigger warning.

    Here’s the definition of a trigger warning:

    A statement at the start of a piece of writing, video, etc., alerting the reader or viewer to the fact that it contains potentially distressing material (often used to introduce a description of such content).

    The Gorgeous Nothings deals with sexual assault on a college campus. Since the assault happens to the lead character, I think its only fair to warn readers who may find the subject matter upsetting, especially if they have experienced rape. The Sneak Peek doesn’t contain the assault scene, that’s why there’s no trigger warning on it.


    Pictured: Bree Silvestre and Stone Ulrich, from the IR erotic romance The Gorgeous Nothings


    I’m debating whether I should put a trigger warning on SENSEI, since the lead character experiences both rape and sexual trafficking. However, in SENSEI, I don’t use first person or have the main character describe in detail what happened to her.

    As I familiarize myself with Amazon’s publishing process again (it’s been almost a year since I uploaded a manuscript), the Sneak Peeks serve a number of purposes for me. While Sneak Peeks are for marketing purposes, I’m able to correct format errors and process any changes Amazon has made. All my books, from the covers to the blurbs, are created in-house.


    IVY League is a love story that begins in college and continues on Capitol Hill. Kenya Paul is a liberal and active in the LGBTQ community. Brandon is conservative, and has just been elected to the House of Representatives when they re-connect in Washington, DC.

    Pictured: Kenya Paul and Brandon Wingate, lead characters from the IR romance IVY LEAGUE
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    Dialogue for the Day

    “I’ve got pre-made pieces that I can easily slip into, like these panties.” Nyesha held up a crocheted thong for Takeshi’s inspection. He nodded, fingering the material, secretly fantasizing its stretch over her derrière. “I use a mannequin for most of my ready-made wear,” she said.

    “May I?”

    “May you what?”

    “Smell them.”

    She grinned, enjoying where this was heading.

     – Scene from the upcoming erotic romance SENSEI


    Another promo for SENSEI


    New Takeshi and Nyesha promo2