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    Why Scifi?


    Because there aren’t enough books with minority protagonists as leads or who are  integral to a story.

    Scifi novels that WCS will have on sale shortly:


    Miss Brighton’s School for Exceptional Young Ladies



    I hope to have this sampler out as a free download on Wednesday:


    1st WSC Scifi Sampler, featuring Second earth ruled by women, and Sir Leonidas Sinclair, the man of many centuries




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    JUKEBOX Volume Two

    A bit of a teaser for JUKEBOX Volume Two, set for release in September.

    Country deep Southern Rock, the first sighting of Glitter and Glam, and Soul Music gets downright Funky.  Simone, Eli and Johnny are forever changed during the decade of free love, black power and violent protests over the Vietnam War.

    While JUKEBOX Volume one was a YA novel, Volume Two is an adult historical.


    JUKEBOX Volume Two



    Also, a free excerpt of the paranormal serial novella RAZHER will be up this week!


    Alpha Girls Series Book One: RAZHER