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    A month of LOVE


    Besides the debut of The Men of Hilton Hall serial, the novellas  You Give Good Love and RUSH will be released early this month (I’m working hard on making it this Wednesday, Feb 5th).



    There’s also the side bar blog post of The Tools of Seduction, where I list the scenes from some of my books that have the leads coming together in various romantic ways.

    First though, here’s a brief excerpt from You Give Good Love, where the Russian/African American heroine Marina Roth gets her first glimpse of Eric Decker:

    Marina, from YOU GIVE GOOD LOVE



    Excerpt from You Give Good Love:


    Okay, okay. My daughter says nobody cares about their meeting. She wanted me to post something a bit more erotic:

    “I’d worship every part of you,” his said, while his thumb circled her nipple with a maddening, airy touch. Worst of all, he stopped just when she could feel herself clinch. “But I can respect that we just met, and you don’t know me-”

    Damn it. She wanted him to stuff his mouth with her breasts. She wanted his face buried in her crotch. “Oh will you just shut up.” She fisted his collar, pulling his face to hers. Now this was a man who knew how to kiss. Her hands moved to span his chest so she could touch every muscle, from his six pack abs to those hard as rock pectorals. She could swear he groaned once his lips left hers. Sugar, we’re going down. ‘Cause his perfect orb of a head was descending right where it could do the most good. And the most damage.


    Here’s the “meeting” excerpt:


    With their bout moving fast and furious, she managed to nick him in the cheek with a counterpunch. In response he gave her a wicked smile. At least he was smart enough not be a braggart. There was no macho posing, no beckoning with his fingers for her to bring it. That kind of posturing was only done in the movies. In a real fight, the cooler head and skill set usually triumphed. But the operative word was “usually” because they were both at a disadvantage with the amount of people boxing them in.

    Busy dancing out of the way as he attacked, she couldn’t help wondering what the hell they fighting for. On a hunch, Marina gave him the universal sign for stop. With her arm outstretched she held up her palm. Her other hand snaked around to her backside and the waistband of her pants, where she pulled out a 9mm. With both of her arms raised above her head she gave him an choice. And a way out. Contemplating her offer, his satiny black as night brows lowered, almost blocking out large upturned eyes that were just as dark. Then he backed just far enough out of reach to give her reason to hope.

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    Character crossovers and more excerpts TBA

    Nevaeh and Josh from HEAVEN, and Derek and Nicole from the soon to be released The Stone Boy have their stories continued in the adult novella MAKE ME YOURS.

    The teens appear as college students who bond with the recently divorced lead female character who returns to school in order to earn her degree.



    Make Me Yours





    Working on: Editing, and book trailers for The Stone Boy, Valkyrie Jones and QUEENSREALM.