The Stone Boy



Nicole’s heard all the reasons why she should stay away from the boy next door. He’s too street, he’s too raw, he’s a thug. But in the end, will she listen to what her heart says?

The Stone Boy – a girl witnesses the end of her parent’s marriage while beginning a tumultuous relationship with a troubled boy.


Seventeen year old Nicole Torelli should be enjoying her senior year in high school. But tragedy struck this spring, when her eight year old brother and his best friend failed to return from baseball practice, leaving the community devastated and her estranged father under suspicion.

In an effort to put some normalcy back in her life, she spends time with her grandparents, the first interracial couple on a street now predominately African American. Listening to her grandfather’s spotty memories, her faith in her father’s innocence grows ever stronger, just as class differences threaten to derail a budding relationship with the Irish teenager living next door. Nicole’s drawn to him even though she goes to a private school, while he sits on the porch all day.

She’s busy planning her future, but he seems convinced he won’t make it to age twenty one. And that fatalistic attitude from the boy she’s falling in love with is the last thing she needs with her family coming apart, both emotionally and financially.






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