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Well, February has come and gone. My apologies, but I really wasn’t in a Valentine’s Day mood since my mom’s death, but I’m slowly getting better.

So, here are a few of my fictional lovers who rock:

Pagan and Karnage promo. She seems to be smitten with him in this promo, happy that he’s “mine.” And his expression seems to be “back off, because yeah, she’s mine.”



Paranormal Power couple: Karnage and Pagan are quite adventurous in the bedroom. That’s all I’ll say for now.


I did a few more with this couple. They are featured in an upcoming ebook. I think I’ll use this image for a new page on this site.


Young Love – Tanner Joseph and Nathalie Childress, teen lovers from The Saint of BOYStown.


I’m going to use this promo for my upcoming novel The Queen of Comedy:



And since TQOC takes place over several decades, including the 1960s, this JET magazine cover is sadly ironic:

Blast from the Past:Bill Cosby 1967


I want to end this post on an upbeat. So I’m posting this actual photo of an African American flapper from 1920s, by African American photographer James Van Der Zee:


African American 1920s beauty


See more of his wonderful photos of the past here:

Photos by James Ven Der Zee
The works of James Van Der Zee


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