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So Thankful

This is just a post giving thanks and also one of reflection.

I’m so thankful that I got to spend time with my mom before she passed, and also how our family came together. I realize this is the next page in the chapter of life, where elder care and also helping those I love with disabilities will need more focus. I pray that I’m able to do even half of what my mom did.

Maddox and Angel, from the upcoming ebook Ride or Die
Maddox and Angel, from the upcoming ebook RUSH Ride or Die. Click the pic for an excerpt.


Some of the spin-offs from the RUSH series are turning out to be novellas, while others have been moved up for ebook release. It all started with Somali Bantu refugee Aaliyah and the outlaw biker Aiden:

The RUSH series
Top frame – RUSH, featuring biker Aiden and refugee Aaliyah. Bottom – RIDE or DIE featuring Maddox and Angel



But why should guys have all the fun?

Introducing Yasmin, a road warrior for the Suicide Kings





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