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Gentlemen prefer Bronze

I enjoy during research, and so I thought I’d share more vintage ads and photos portraying the beauty of black women that were produced by us and for us. Black folks reclaimed our image (see the ad below for an example) even during segregation.

Aunt Jemima mystique


There’s still a misconception out there regarding how black folks used to live. Far too many times Hollywood and even books portray us as downtrodden and usually in the position of a domestic.

No matter what (segregated) society may have thought or stated erroneously about black culture, we did our own thing. Part of which meant black women were thought of as sex symbols in our community even though mainstream media ignored beautiful sistas as cover girls.


Bronze Thrills
Cover girl for Bronze Thrills mag



This publicity photo was used for the cover of the book Vintage Black Glamour by Nichelle Gainer. The book can be purchased on Amazon. Click the photo to be redirected.



Singer Joyce Bryant and Eartha Kitt_sex symbols of the 1950s
Singer Joyce Bryant and Eartha Kitt, sex symbols of the 1950s


1950s black pin up girl
1950s black pin up girl and entertainer



Beauties ar the Beach 50s and 60s
Beauties at the Beach, late 1950s/early 1960s



Publicity photo of Abby Lincoln_singer and actress. Abby starred in "For Love of Ivy" with Sidney Poitier.
Abby Lincoln_singer and actress


Nancy Wilson, Jazz singer and actress circa 1960s


Dinah Washington.
Dinah Washington, Queen of the Blues. Click the photo to read more about this late, great singer.



My fictional commedian, the star of the upcoming ebook The Queen of Comedy.


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