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It’s Not Over Until Its Over


She’s the girl that got away, and newly elected House of Representatives member Brandon Wingate is intent on winning her back.


Pictured: Brandon Wingate and Kenya Paul, from the political erotic romance IVY LEAGUE



Solo promo pic of Kenya Paul




Brandon darted through traffic, trying to catch up to the girl who reminded him so much of Kenya. Same build, same deep brown skin color excerpt her hair was straight, in some sort of shoulder length style that flipped under. And her outfit was plain. Nothing close to the colorful sweaters and sneakers Kenya loved to wear in college. By the time he caught up to the woman she’d dashed into a restaurant that had a line snaking around several tables. He stood directly behind her, wondering how he’d approach this. What if she wasn’t Kenya? This could be awkward, saying that she reminded him of someone else. He needed something besides visual conformation. He needed voice recognition. He needed-

Thankfully her phone rang and just about everyone in the place looked down at their own.

Lifting her phone out of the small purse slung diagonally over her suit jacket, one shapely leg cocked back while the other rocked up and down on the heel of her shoe. He couldn’t help watching her calf flex each time it raised and lowered.

With a ho-hum sigh she addressed the person on the other end of the line. “I just got here. Um hmm. Consider it done.”

As Kenya slid her phone back in her purse, Brandon made his move. “Kenya? Kenya Paul?”

She turned around to find him with a smile so wide, it was like he’d won the lottery. “Brandon? Oh wow, this is a surprise.”

“I wasn’t sure if it was you,” he said, getting closer to her just as the line moved forward. “How’ve you been?”

“Oh, you know. Working hard-”

“Or hardly working,” he finished for her, expecting her to crack up over his attempt at humor. Instead she seemed confused.

“Uh, yeah, sure.”

“You’ve changed your hair.” His tone sounded accusatory, as if losing her afro was a major betrayal.

“I straightened it. Didn’t get a perm, so if it rains it’ll snap right back into a ‘fro.”

“Either way, you still look . . . good.”

That made her blush. She appeared flustered as they got closer to the counter. “I um, I heard about you winning a seat in The House, and-and your engagement.”

He caught her little stutter before she mentioned his engagement.  It gave him hope. “You got one out of two right. The engagement’s off, though.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. The last thing I heard . . . I mean, I read about it so I thought-”

“It’s okay. Breaking off an engagement isn’t usually advertised.”

“Guess its bad form, huh?”

“Yep.” He nodded to let her know it was her turn to order. Based on the laundry list of special coffees she requested, he figured she’d need a carrier and a couple more hands. He ended up getting his order filled before she did so he waited and held the door open for her. Once out on the side walk they kept talking.

~~~~~End of Excerpt~~~~~



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