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Of Supernaturals and Sequels

While I love contemporary romance, I also enjoy writing historicals and scifi. But I really enjoy putting romantic leads together and describing their journey to couplehood. With sequels it’s important (imho) to maintain the love affair but still tell an engrossing story. As I prepare to release Razher II among a few other sequels, I hope readers will enjoy the twists and turns I’ve taken with the characters and their various stories. I’ve added a short excerpt from The Player at the end of this post.

I’m also introducing another continuing serial, one that deals with big cats and the fight between several royal houses to take the throne. I’ll have a GIF up shortly and also the first chapter. For new readers, please understand that I use my book covers as promotional materials. The same thing applies to the free excerpts on this site and the excerpts that have more chapters which are listed on Amazon as Sneak Peeks. These are just a few ways I’ve found that help readers discover WSC books. 

Carnivore Feral

I’ve added another character to the continuing college serial The Men of Hilton Hall. I’m introducing Rae in the next chapter of TMOHH that I will have up this week:


The Men plus one lady


Now for the new offerings. I’ve been working on my digital editing skills in order to have covers that are a bit more stylish as well as sexier:


Higher Ed:

Ivy League watermarked


The world of finance:

 Thief of Hearts watermarked copy


Political intrigue featuring a Thai leading male:

Here and Now resized copy


Brief Excerpt from The Player:

Shit! She recognized that laugh. It was Ozzy! Flanked by two bodyguards and with a trail of scantily clad women following, her ex was greeted warmly by several football players and some of the excited party-goers. She just about shoved her drink into Darren’s hand. “Darren, I’ve got to-”

“Go take care of  Kyle. I’ll run interference with Ozzy.”

He got a grateful, trembling smile from her in return. Harlow spun in a complete circle while searching the packed crowd for Kyle. Where the hell was he? Since he wasn’t boisterously loud she couldn’t track his whereabouts by voice. And she’d already asked enough people, so gossip was spreading like a lit fuse about her frantic behavior. Just when she finally spotted him, Kyle zeroed in on Ozzy with Willa’s help. Kyle stepped away from Willa as she tried to grab his arm to pull him back. He just shrugged her off, that’s how determined he was to meet Ozzy. Both men were like two gunfighters at high noon, stalking toward each other from opposite ends of the room. And Ozzy was hearing none of Darren’s gushing praise. His bodyguards blocked Darren from moving forward. With each step Ozzy plowed through the crowd until the only thing standing between Harlow’s ex-husband and her new lover was . . . her.


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