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First Look: The cover of JUKEBOX Volume II

We’ve (my daughter and I) finally reached agreement on the cover for the second book:




The three main characters are still represented on the cover, with Eli pictured in his new profession during the end of the 60s into the 70s, which is as a Spaghetti Western star. Simone embraces Funk music and Johnny’s demons drive him from country into Southern rock, and finally hard rock.

Like the 60s, the 70s are a time period of great change. They were teens during the 60s, but now they’re adults, so this book isn’t Mature YA. It’s an adult historical. Giving Simone a serious, Pam Grier inspired Afro was the idea, as well as keeping the look of the cover similar to the first book with the position of the main characters.

HEAVEN is almost ready for release, both in ebook and paperback.




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