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Coming in July – HEAVEN

This book was an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Quarterfinalist in 2011. It will be released in July.


Heaven book cover


In the YA multicultural romance novel HEAVEN, A therapy dog transforms the lives of the teen inmate who trains her and the wounded young marine who becomes her owner.

After four years in prison, seventeen year old Heaven AKA Nevaeh’s confinement takes an unexpected turn when she joins a program that saves unwanted dogs from being euthanized. Not only does the scrawny puppy she coaches thrive, but Nevaeh finds a talent she never knew she possessed.

Josh Duval went from spending summers in Cancun to fighting for his country half a world away. His dream of a military career is derailed after he’s severely injured in Afghanistan. Used to having others indulge him, Josh’s inner demons finally rise to the surface as he acts out chilling death wish scenarios once he returns home.

When he’s paired with Myst to assist him with daily routines, the dog trainer and new owner don’t hit it off, with Nevaeh convinced that Myst won’t be happy with the deeply troubled soldier. But when Myst’s nightmares seem to rival his own, Josh decides to visit Nevaeh in prison, hoping to get more information about the dog and just as intrigued by the girl who trained her.

While Josh aches for the girl behind bars who proclaims her innocence, when evidence comes to light that could get Nevaeh released, he’s terrified that the one who knows him the best will realize what he’s been hiding the whole time. As the truth is slowly revealed their love must be strong enough to cover a multitude of sins, both past and present.


You can read an excerpt from HEAVEN here

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