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    Meteor Garden/Boys Over Flowers

    Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei (just Lei in the series) Xi Men, and Mei Zuo are the four leading males in the 2001 Taiwanese Meteor Garden and 2018 Chinese remake of Meteor Garden.

    The main female lead is named Shan Cai.


    “Meteor Garden is the classic love story; rich boy (Dao Ming Si) falls for poor girl (Shan Cai) and obstacles ensue.”                                                                                        -IMDB description


    Each version is based on the blockbuster manga BOYS OVER FLOWERS by Yoko Kamio

    Boys Over Flowers by Yoko Kamio


    I watched the 2018 version first, then the South Korean version titled Kkotboda namja (2009) “Boys Over Flowers.” Loved Min-Ho Lee as the rich thug Joon Pyo who falls for the poor student named Jan Di. His hairdo reminded me of the late, great Prince:

    Prince with his Purple Rain curls


    Min-ho Lee as Joon Pyo in BOYS OVER FLOWERS


    The F4 guys (the actors real names are listed) in the Korean version of Boys Over Flowers


    Leading lady Hye-Sun Ku portrayed Jan-Di, the “Shan Cai” of the Korean version.

    Haven’t seen the Japanese version yet, but I hope to view it soon.

    I thought the 2018 remake was good, as there were some much needed updates done on the story.

    Chinese version of the fabulous F4 from Meteor Garden. From left to right -Caesar Wu, Dylan Wang, Darren Chen and Connor Leong


    Then I saw the 2001 version with Jerry Yan, Vic Chou, Vanness Wu, Barbie Hsu and Ken Zhu, via You Tube.


    Meteor Garden 2001 version with Jerry Yan, Ken Zhu, Victor Chou and Vanness Wu as F4



    Until I view the Japanese version, Barbie Hsu is the best Shan Cai imho. There’s bullying and violence, gaslighting, in short no matter which version please don’t let kids or teens watch without adult guidance.

    The 2001 version is my favorite. One of the reasons is below:





    Back in 2001 the Taiwan version at least included a black woman with the “player” of the group, Xi Men. She didn’t have any lines, and her screen time was brief, but still . . .

    NetFlix has Meteor Garden 2018 and Boys Over Flowers 2009, while YouTube has Meteor Garden 2001. All versions have English subtitles.