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    The Rise of Phoenixes-Tian sheng chang ge

    Readers, if you enjoy a slow building romance, beautiful cinematography, exquisite costume and set design, then The Rise of Phoenixes may be just the show to binge on.

    It’s a story of “power, desire, lust and love among people of different kingdoms in ancient China” per IMDB

    All 70 episodes are on Netflix. While reading subtitles may not be for everyone, at least you can hear the actors original voices the way they intended their character portrayal to sound, and not an overdub.

    Kun Chen is the handsome, cunning son Ning Yi, who’s sixth in line for the throne. His title is the Prince of Chu, and his love interest is Zhi Wei (played by Ni Ni), a beautiful young lady of modest means who rises in the Emperor’s court.

    I laughed and cried while watching this show (I usually re-watch it during the weekends) and highly recommend it.

    Actors Kun Chen and Ni Ni are the romantic leads in this historical saga of royal sibling rivalry in ancient China.


    Kun Chen as Prince Ning Yi from The Rise of Phoenixes now on Netflix. This actor (sigh) what can I say? The man is gorgeous.    


    Kun Chen as The Prince of Chu