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    Crazy Rich (and hot) Asians

    Gonna see Crazy Rich Asians this weekend. In the meantime I’ve been bingeing on one of my favorite action movies, Ninja Assassin

    This movie features the beautiful and talented Naomie Harris as its leading lady, and musical superstar RAIN as the male lead. South Korean born Rain is the ninja Raizo, and the film contains an awesome nod to the past with legendary martial artist and film star Shô Kosugi

    Rain was already a mega K-Pop star before he landed the lead role in Ninja Assassin. He trained for months, and grew his hair out for the part.

    The Trivago guy (actor Tim Williams) is also an extra in the film (the task force officer who lets Mika give Raizo a drink of water) during the scene below:

    Naomie Harris plays Mika, an Europol Forensic Analyst. Rain is Raizo, a ruthless, for hire assassin who goes rogue.


    “Oh Mika, Mika. I like you more and more” – Rain, from Ninja Assassin


    Naomie Harris and Rain, in the action packed 2009 film Ninja Assassin