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    An AA heroine with vitiligo

    In keeping with my theme of diversity (with a focus on underrepresented women of color in publishing), I’ve got a New Adult romance featuring a young woman who discovers just how strong she really is:


    Young lovers Bree and Stone, from the ebook The Gorgeous Nothings



    Pictured: Bree Silvestre, lead character in my New Adult romance about a sexual assault on a college campus.



    If a six foot-something man could shrink to two feet, that’s what Tyshawn did. My words seemed to make him fold into himself. His shoulders slump, and his face is crestfallen. “Bree, please . . . I just need to explain.”

    “No, you-you get back. Get back or I’ll scream. You were there, and you didn’t do a damn thing except laugh. You saw me on the ground, but you didn’t do anything to help me-”

    “I didn’t know you needed help! Jamie said you had too much to drink, and he was gonna help you get home.”

    “And you believed him.”

  • #BlackGirlMagic,  E books,  Excerpts

    Download December 3!

    Free excerpts in a number of genres will soon be available. I use these excerpts as promotional tools, and the extended excerpts can be downloaded from Amazon.com. Kindle has free software for a MAC or PC, to read ebooks. Download December will start on December 26th.

    Here are a few extended excerpts that will be Free and the dates:


    SENSEINigerian beauty and Japanese businessman begin an unconventional romance. Free excerpt dates TBA

    Another Sensei promo edited



    The Player: NFL quarterback falls for divorcée and bar owner from Trinidad.

    Download the free excerpt on 12/26 – 12/27


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