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    March Madness Marches On!!

    Hold on, because Hui and The Player are coming. 

    Imani and Hui kissing copy with effects added copy
    North Korean defector falls for African American ballerina in the interracial romance HUI


    I didn’t meet my own deadline of this weekend, but the books will be out in the coming days (this week).

    I’ve decided to put The Player in play during MARCH MADNESS, as well as a few other novels. The novels will be .99 cents and also be available via Kindle Unlimited. Only  HUI will be priced at $2.99.

    I’d like to once again thank everyone who purchased AT LAST. Torii Theas is also in The Player, but I made sure to focus on the main couple, Kyle and Harlow.

    Since I’m so close to releasing these two books, I’m not putting up anymore excerpts from these two novels, however an edited excerpt from

    RUSH: The Book of Aaliyah is now up:


    Rush 2 Low resolution
    RUSH: The Book of Aaliyah continues where RUSH: Suicide Kings left off.  Interracial romance featuring a Somali Bantu and a member of an Outlaw motorcycle gang
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    Going back in order to go forward

    I’m busy working to get HUI and The Player released this weekend, as I try to figure out which novels will be part of MARCH MADNESS


    I’ve decided that after HUI is released, I’ll complete the next round of edits on books that need to go on sale.

    I haven’t forgotten about my book sequels. The excerpt for RUSH 2  will be up this weekend:


    Rush on Amazon
    RUSH: A Suicide Kings motorcycle gang novella, featuring Aiden and Aaliyah.
    New Cover for RUSH 2 small copy
    Aiden and Aaliyah’s story continues in RUSH: The Book of Aaliyah






    Ebooks related to this series :

      Click the image for an excerpt                                                                                    

    Anatomy of a Seduction ebook cover small size copy
    Anatomy of a Seduction is Rory’s tale. Rory is a character first introduced in RUSH
    Make Me Yours. African American divorcee falls for her Somali Bantu college professor.
    Make Me Yours. African American divorcee falls for her Somali Bantu college professor, Daniel Semboga, who was first introduced in RUSH




    Dane2a copy with watermark
    Unforgettable, a spin off novella from The RUSH: Suicide Kings Motorcycle Gang series















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    Release weekend is here!

    I’ve got three books coming out this weekend (Whew! Yes, I was shooting for Valentine’s day – as per my ad on Dear Author, but with a three day weekend, I want one more edit to make certain that what I release is truly ready for prime time).

    I had three goals for all three books. That is, to immerse the reader in the world of ballet for the ebook HUI,  and the same goes for US football in the ebook The Player. Ditto for At Last, where readers get some heavy duty info on a paraplegic male’s search for a serious romantic relationship.


    Hui does a Grand Jete watermarked copy
    North Korean ballet dancer Le Jong Hui does a Grand Jete, from the ebook HUI




    Hui promo
    Le Jong Hui and Imani Fairchild, from the interracial romance set in the world of ballet, called HUI



    All three books have romance at their core, or I should say an interracial romance. And for two of them, the lead female characters are over thirty-five.

    Yes, the wait is almost over.



    Player promo small copy with text copy
    Kyle and Harlow, from the ebook The Player





    Ethan in wheelchair side view copy2
    Ethan and Torii, from the ebook At Last



    Torii and Ethan in bed1
    Torii and Ethan, the lead characters from At Last





    In other news, when I ran across this company  I was so excited! I have no idea how I missed their PR last year, but I’m definitely gonna purchase their lingerie for me and mine. What a great idea, and it fills a serious need for women of color. The models are gorgeous!



    lingerie in different skin tones by Nubian Skin
    Finally! Lingerie devoted to the woman of color. It’s called Nubian Skin


     Article on Nubian skin: http://www.thelingerieaddict.com/2014/10/introducing-nubian-skin-nude-lingerie-hosiery-women-color.html



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    Funkin’ for Jamaica

    An excerpt from Game.Set.Love will be up this weekend. It’s been posted, so just click the photo to read it:

    Game.Set.Love. Adult Novella
    Game.Set.Love. Adult Novella

    And since the heroine, Sinead Landon hails from Jamaica, I thought I’d add this old skol video with the song by Tom Browne:



    A new chapter of The Men of Hilton Hall will be up shortly, and I’m also putting up an excerpt from Make Me Yours, a spin-off from RUSH, featuring a group of Somali Bantu refugees. I hope to have that up tonight. It’s already up, please click the photo to be redirected to the page.

    Make Me Yours. African American divorcee fall for her Somali Bantu college professor.
    Make Me Yours. African American divorcee falls for her Somali Bantu college professor


    I’ve been busy working my nine to five and also editing a number of books (Gaijin, Razher II, The Player, Queensrealm and Furies). I don’t release a book until I’m satisfied that I’ve done the very best I can, and since I’m up against a deadline with The Player, I’m off to do more editing!

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    Woman is Boss

    That’s the fictional hit song of a Trini rapper named Ozzy AKA The Great OZ from The Player. This ebook is part of my Caribbean Queens Series.

    The Great Oz, from T&T
    The Great Oz, from T&T

    Caribbean Queens Promo2 smaller copy

    I’m releasing excerpts from all three books (excerpts from The Player and Love and Baseball are already up on this site). Next comes Game.Set.Love. featuring Tristan “Didi” Botha and Sinead Landon, two tennis doubles pros who fall madly in love. Carnival is what connects all three heroines. Sinead is from Jamaica,

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    Cover Reveals and a snippet from Razher II

    I love creating covers and promos. I learned Photoshop (my daughter was so patient with me 🙂 ) but I also work with Paint.net. The covers serve as both ads for upcoming releases, and to showcase the beauty and variety among of women of color.

    The Player



    Sequel to The Stone Boy, The Stone Hero takes place over five years later



    The Stone Hero is the sequel to The Stone Boy. All the characters from The Stone Boy are back, and it gives me a chance to introduce a deaf Afro-Cuban teen named Trayvon Wilfredo Lima who has his own book:

    Unspoken ebook cover



    Now, here’s a scene from Razher, Rise of the Gargoyles: