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    RUSH – A Different Kind of Love Story

    RUSH will be out any day now. I’ve created a few more promos with the title of the book strategically placed as a watermark on the first pix 🙂


    Aiden and Aaliyah together at last promo
    Motorcycle gang member falls for Somali Bantu refugee in the ebook RUSH


    I’d wanted to write a book that featured a refugee for a while, but the pitfall with a character like Aaliyah is making sure she’s not a Mary Sue.

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    Twist and Shout

    I’m hunkering down to finish up checking my OMG (Outlaw Biker Gang) facts in RUSH.


    Scenes from RUSH
    Scenes from RUSH


    Aiden and Aaliyah from RUSH
    Aiden and Aaliyah from RUSH


    This book was supposed to be out weeks ago,but unfortunately, life interrupted. I’m also finishing up the storyline twists in RAZHER, Rise of the Gargoyles


    Razher promo small copy
    Razher promo small copy



    QUEENSREALM - A woman is a weapon
    QUEENSREALM – A woman is a weapon


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    RUSH Week, the final excerpt

    A scene from RUSH:

    Scene from RUSH - Aiden and Aaliyah kissing in field
    Scene from RUSH – Aiden and Aaliyah as teens, kissing in a field


    I need to stress that this is an edited photo. I wanted to duplicate a scene from the book, so I manipulated purchased images to do it.


    Aiden DeLucca from the ebook RUSH. Motorcycle gang member falls for Somali Banu refugee in RUSH
    Aiden DeLucca from the ebook RUSH. Older and wiser, out of jail and out of time.



    Final Excerpt:


    Most days I only went to school when I felt like going. Sometimes I went just to keep warm and to be in the mix with kids closer to my age. The city had built a new high school that could hold two thousand kids. We had security cameras and computers in just about every classroom, but we were still the lowest performing school in the county.

    Sometimes I’d pass a couple of them Somali kids in the hallway, but I could never get ’em to look me in the eye. I wasn’t sure if the girl I’d seen would be in with the ones at my school, but one day I was going up the stairs and a bunch of ’em were coming down, and while the ones in front were chattering away I saw her, the same girl who’d been playing in the snow.

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    Aaliyah from RUSH

    One of the reasons I create picture representations of my characters is so that they feel more real to me when I give them a voice. I’ll search for just the right stock photo so I can edit it to fit scenes in the book or as a promo.

    The first time Aiden meets Aaliyah, I decided he’d hear her voice, and not see her. There’s a joyfulness about Aaliyah that intrigues him, and challenges his preconceived notions about her culture and her faith.

    But RUSH isn’t just one young female’s coming of age tale that continues until her mid-twenties. It’s about a group of girls, like the African American teen enthralled with the new refugees. And there’s Fatuma, the self appointed leader of the Somali Bantu students. I’ve posted a brief excerpt of what I call “The World according to Fatuma”:



    “I’m not some . . . some ‘thing’ that needs to be pitied. And I’m not someone who needs to be saved. Go look at your own life if you need to change someone.” – Aaliyah from RUSH

    Aaliyah from Rush


    Excerpt from RUSH:

    Fatuma is my closest friend. We attend high school together. She is very beautiful and she knows it. When we are in the presence of our elders she behaves like a good muslima. But once we are alone she tells me all the gossip. She knows many things and much of the American culture, especially the words they say in school that I don’t understand. Fatuma can speak several languages. When she talks, she goes from Maay-Maay to Somali, to Arabic and to English, and even Swahili. I’m learning a great many things from her.

    “Stay away from Batool,” Fatuma warned as we walked to the bus stop. “She’s nothing but a dhilo. She only likes ajanabi boys, the foreigners like the blacks and the whites and the Spanish guys. She’s making zina with anything with a dick. I do not want her with my brother.”

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    My GIF to You


    Download December starts this weekend (Dec 14th and 15th). New excerpts in several genres will be available for free on Amazon. In preparation I’m creating a number of GIFS that readers can use, which will also  post on Saturday. Directions on how to save a Wikkid.Sexy.Cool GIF to your computer and using them in either an email or your own personal blog will be provided.

    With every GIF you take (and use) you help promote Wikkid.Sexy.Cool. Where multicultural romance rules!

    One more “gift” is an excerpt from a section of RUSH:




    She made the first move.
    I was replacing the spring plate on my bike’s kick stand when the wrench was blown clear outta my hand by a half flattened soccer ball. I got up from a squat, ready to do some serious butt kicking when I saw Aaliyah in the middle of the street.

    “Sorry about that. Can you give us back our ball?” she said, not looking the least bit sorry. I don’t know where her father was, but she sure wasn’t wearing a headscarf or a long skirt. It seemed like she’d borrowed a pair of her brother’s shorts.