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    For Love of the Game

    College basketball season is winding down, but I’m ramping up with new books that feature female players:


    Emanuelle playing in wheelchair league



    Emanuelle or “El” as she likes to be called, is a vibrant, sexually active paraplegic woman


    Emanuelle is a character who continues my Sex and the Single Paraplegic Series. The first book featured Torii and Ethan in At Last:

    Torii and Ethan


    My other basketball heroine:


    Rhea Chappelle


    Her love interest:

    Yul Sukari on the basketball court



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    Download December 2!!

    It’s that time of year again. Download December, where you can pick up free extended excerpts of previous and upcoming releases and also 99 cent ebooks. This is my second year holding this event, hence the “2” part.

    Download December will officially start on Saturday, December 5th, and these books kick off the sale:

    Free Sneak peeks*: The Stone Boy/Furies, The Player, RUSH

    *A sneak peek is a promotional excerpt

    At Last – 99 cents for December


    **The Free SneakPeeks promo ended on Monday, December 7th**


    Wheelchair sex with Ethan and Torii FX copy copy
    Torii Theas falls for paraplegic artist Ethan Forche. This promo pic is for the sequel to AT LAST



    HUI will be released in December.



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    Hello from the Other Side

    If this is your first time visiting this site, I hope you’ll take the time to look around. I write for an underserved population. That is to say, my books feature leads of color (or co-leads who are minority). Most of my in house created book covers and promos reflect my writing platform, which is multicultural in scope.


    At Last XMas copy resized copy
    Torii Theas falls for her paraplegic neighbor, in the ebook AT LAST – low resolution promo



    While I write primarily in the IR or interracial romance genre, my manuscripts also include scifi, historical romance, NA, YA and non-fiction.

    Thank you for stopping by!

    Le Jong Hui and Imani Fairchild, from the upcoming interracial romance set in the world of ballet, HUI




    Kenya Paul and Brandon Jefferson Wingate from the ebook IVY League




    A paraplegic male and forty something businesswoman go from friends to torrid lovers, in the erotic romance AT LAST




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    Becoming Hui

    Dedicated. Deliberate. Humble. These are just some of the qualities Le Jong Hui exemplifies. But underneath his carefully crafted exterior is a man who fights to stay in control of his emotions . . . until he meets a woman who gets under his skin and takes his breath away.



    Hui in shadow with warmth added with text copy
    Behind the beauty and artistry of his dancing is the complex and passionate man named Le Jong Hui







    New Hui promo frame four
    Hui – An interracial romance set in the world of ballet









    Torii and Ethan in the kitchen 5A
    AT LAST – African American businesswoman has a torrid affair with a paraplegic graphic artist




















    Skylark copy
    Women space pilots – boldly going where no man has gone before



    To be continued . . .


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    Santa, baby

    Sexy young male model in underwear sitting down posing



    I thought I’d create some Ethan and Torii relationship scenes. A few of these were purposely uploaded at a lower resolution. I need and enjoy creating visual representations of book characters, so that’s why this site is populated with so many GIFS and digitally edited stock photosIn addition, I think the more diverse couples that are shown together, the better.


    At Last XMas copy resized copy



    Ethan in wheelchair side view copy2



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    Material Girls

    Since making the switch from YA/NA to Adult romance (including erotic) I’ve worked on creating female protagonists who are in different phases in their lives. Both Hui and At Last will be out this month (December). The Player is also scheduled for release in late December.


    For Imani, the chance to show the world that she is truly a Prima ballerina means making a heartbreaking decision:

    Muscular naked man on black

    Hui and Imani foreheads together glow and warnth added copy






    Imani and Hui kissing copy with effects added copy
    African american ballerina falls for North Korean ballet dancer in the ebook HUI




    Imani as the Black Swan on stage
    Imani takes flight on stage, in a scene from the ebook HUI



    For Victoria “Torii” Theas, falling for a paraplegic male ends up blurring the line between being in a romantic relationship and becoming a caregiver, in the May/December, adult erotic contemporary At Last


    Ethan and Torii, the lead characters of AT LAST
    Ethan and Torii, the lead characters of AT LAST


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    Full Figured and Damn Proud of it

    I’ve got a couple of novellas that I’m finishing up for December. While Make Me Yours has been in the works for a while, it looks like the erotic romance  At Last will be first out of the gate:


    At Last promo2a
    Upstairs, downstairs. Neighbors fall in love in the interracial erotic romance AT LAST


    I’m putting up an expanded excerpt (I’ll link these two new images to it shortly. The ebook cover is already linked to the short excerpt) and I’m working on a GIF promo.

    At Last Promo watermarked



    At Last small copy2 with tagline copy