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    The Wheel of Fine

    The Wheel of Time is also The Wheel of Fine imho, due to the diversity of the main characters and attractiveness of its cast:



    The Wheel of Time promo from Amazon


    “I think all the characters in soul and personality are very true to the books. That’s the thing that Rafe has accomplished” – Brandon Sanderson

    al’ Lan Mandragoran by Freelance Irish artist KarrahE. Daniel Henney plays Lan on the show.


    Lan and Nynaeve. YES!!!! Zoë Robins portrays Nynaeve and Daniel Henney is Lan.

    Season One is on Amazon Prime now. 




    The African Witch Lilith aka AFE


    Pagan the Witch


    The fire and brimstone witch Ondine



    The Gargoyle Karnage


    Pictured: The Witch Pagan and Karnage – pic is from the graphic novel promo for the upcoming ebook


    Irina, the vampire bodyguard for Yuri.
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    All the Fine Young Cannibals

    I’m ready to start marketing upcoming releases, so this weekend I’ll have a number of FREE extended chapter excerpts on Amazon and SCRIBD. I use excerpts as promotional tools for my books.

    The other reason I use Sneak Peeks (especially on Amazon) is because periodically, the company changes it algorithms. If you are a new writer its important to be aware of this.  Here are two recent articles on the subject (be sure to read the comments section also):







    I’ve had some plot details to iron out (I mean, who could’ve predicted the rise of Donald Trump?), but I plan on releasing extended SNEAK PEEKS for:


    Kenya Paul and Brandon Jefferson Wingate take on Capitol Hill as a couple


    Bisexual LGBTQ activist Kenya Paul falls for conservative Brandon J. Wingate




    Promos from IVY LEAGUE




    Click the photo to read an excerpt of the erotic romance SENSEI



    New Adult erotic romance SNEAK PEEK will also be up:



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    Oh Hell Naw, no fade to black here



    Either one of the men below could be the face that launched a thousand ebooks. But finding a stock photo featuring a smoldering hot Asian male either means paying GETTY images an astronomical amount, or searching through stock image sites (which is what I’ve been doing) to find just the right model.


    Asian man in bed
    I wish I knew the name of this man or the photographer info. Also, how come I can’t find any stock images with Asian males like this fine as hell guy? I wonder if this is a pic of an Asian movie star?




    Where are the stock photos with models like this man? I found his pic on pin interest at www.missdeelauren/hot-boys-hot-boys/ but there was no name or info on the pic




    Here’s a naughty bit from my soon to released ebook HUI:

    Hui and Imani couple in bed2 with text copy
    Interracial lovers Imani and Hui, from the ebook HUI, set in the world of ballet



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    Santa, baby

    Sexy young male model in underwear sitting down posing



    I thought I’d create some Ethan and Torii relationship scenes. A few of these were purposely uploaded at a lower resolution. I need and enjoy creating visual representations of book characters, so that’s why this site is populated with so many GIFS and digitally edited stock photosIn addition, I think the more diverse couples that are shown together, the better.


    At Last XMas copy resized copy



    Ethan in wheelchair side view copy2



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    Update on The Player

    I worked on another promo for the book HUI (pronounced Hway)


    Promo for the book Hui resized2


    My apologies for the watermark.

    I’m readying up The Player for release, and there are characters from other books who make an appearance in the story line. Also, the thing that took so long with that novel, is that its not just the two leads but also Ozzy, the ex husband.

    His story needed to be explored, because I didn’t want it to be the typical evil ex tale. Rappers need love too.





    I’ll be back to link this GIF to a short excerpt. Unfortunately, recent events have convinced me to make a change on the length of free excerpts.

    Here’s a brief teaser of HUI:


    First position . . .

    Hui stood there, still and imposing, like one of the many large billboards with his likeness promoting the dance company. In a repeat of the countless hours they’d practiced together his arm was outstretched and his hand was elegantly positioned, urging her to grasp it. Instead of his usual attire of a tee shirt and black practice tights, he was completely naked.