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    One thing leads to another

    And another, and still others as I work to build my own brand in the world of publishing.

    For example, the historical fantasy novelĀ Long Ago and Far Away, featuring these two lovers:

    Long Ago and Far Away Promo2 copy
    Mariah and Joran, from the ebook Long Ago and Far Away



    Spawned these sister-witches:

    The Witches are coming copy
    African American sisters-in-witchery: Pagan, Lilith and Ondine, from the ebook Long Ago and Far Away


    An extended sneak peek of Long Ago and Far Away will be up on Amazon later this week.


    That book somehow inspired this novella on a young black woman raised by a religious cult, and how she’s instrumental in taking the leader down. Here’s a promo I’ve worked on for the novel:


    Newsweek magazine DT on cover copy2


    Look for the ebook CHERISH in May.

    Finally, I’ve got another book featuring an Asian leading man and an African leading lady. Nyesha is from Nigeria, and Takeshi is Japanese.


    Sensei promo with WSC tag
    Nigerian born Nyesha and Tokyo native Takeshi, from the erotic romance SENSEI


    To read a brief excerpt from the book, continue reading: