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    Supernatural Love

    “Bruh” saves the world


    Edited photo – or basically, I changed the original model to a black man




    Graphic novel version




    Lilith, the head witch from Long Ago and Far Away
    Lilith, the head witch from Long Ago and Far Away




    Joran and Mariah, from the ebook Long Ago and Far Away
    Joran and Mariah, from the paranormal ebook Long Ago and Far Away



    Imani Fairchild, ballerina
    Imani Fairchild, ballerina




    Karnage from NIGHTSTALKERS
    Karnage from NIGHTSTALKERS


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    The Beautiful and Bold Women of Fantasy

    Renditions of the main male characters from OFFWORLD have been up for a while:

    OFFWORLD Promo
    OFFWORLD Promo


    Offworld credits








    I’d searched all over for photos that best represented the men in the book, because I was still learning how to digitally edit photos.

    Now that I’ve got the hang of it, I decided to post some of my own fantasy renditions of otherworldly African American women since we’re underrepresented in the Scifi and Fantasy genre:



    The Women of WSC Fantasy copy
    The Fantasy and Scifi women of WSC books





    The Mad Queen of OFFWORLD
    The Mad Queen of OFFWORLD – Rhandeia is the Empress Regent. She’s also a powerful Alchean Deaconess.


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    Seeing RED

    After I put up the post EACH ONE, REACH ONE I decided there was more I needed to do, besides putting links in the sidebar of this site.

    So on this day remembering Martin Luther King Jr, I’m setting up a new site, one that I hope will become a one stop shop if a reader (or author) wants to peruse books with protagonists of color in all genres. The books won’t be sold on the site, but there will be links directing buyers and others to the websites where an author’s work can be purchased. I’m working on the new site now, on another browser. If you’d like to take a peek at what I’ve got so far, the site is


    This is how I’m trying to set it up (columns, video set up, featured books slider)




    Right now I mainly have place holders up. My hope is simply to become an asset for those without advertising budgets, or those new to self publishing, or those who aren’t listed on the front page of Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Maybe I can compile a decent database of authors and their novels. And I’ll have GIFs and book trailers up there also.

    I’d also like to promote sites that review multicultural works, and those that interview authors of color. Hopefully, the site will be fully functional by February ūüôā

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    The WSC Scifi Sampler

    Download December continues with a six chapter excerpt from QUEENSREALM, and a three chapter excerpt from ENDWORLD available tomorrow and Monday, Dec 15th-16th on Amazon.   Sorry, I have to change that to December 16th and 17th. Strike that. December 18th and 19th appear more realistic, because I want to do one more edit to double check for typos.



    Tagline from QUEENSREALM: A Woman is a Weapon



    I’m posting¬†both the¬†code and an example¬†of the first GIF: