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    HUI – Any Day Now

    I’d planned for HUI to be released on the 15th.

    My  new goal is to have it out any day now, and that’s what  I’m concentrating on.

    In addition to the a first chapter excerpt found here. I’ve included a couple of brief excerpts from the book:


    Hui promo





    The very first woman he’d given his heart to was Nuri, his mother.

    He loved her, not because she was exceptionally good or kind, but that she was resourceful. In a city where people were dropping in the streets from starvation, Nuri not only made sure they had food to eat, but that they shared their rations with others.

    “See, your mother looks like a movie star in this photo,” his second mother, Eun-mi told him, her wrists shaking as she handled a black and white photo of Nuri. Posing in the large gathering space known as Kim-Il-sung square, Nuri could’ve passed for a flapper from some old Hollywood movie. Clothed in a long trench coat, Nuri’s mouth was darkened with lipstick and her teardrop shaped eyes appeared even larger, helped by liner that flared upwards from each eyelid. She wore a beret, so only the midnight curls framing her face could be seen. That small photograph shaded in black and gray was all he had to remember her by.

    Each time his own eyes were enhanced with liner prior to a performance, Hui was reminded of her. Nuri’s beautiful heart shaped face was his face, and it had saved his life.

    “Be glad that others can clearly see Nuri in you. This way, any man would be proud to call you his son,” Eun-mi had said. “Your mother had a talent of making friends of her enemies, and she has passed this gift on to you.”

    Hui could no longer recall his Omma’s voice. But he had fond memories of walking along Kim-Il-sung square, marveling at the Grand People’s Study house, and the Juche Tower, a monument just across the Taedong river.


    Copyright 2015




    Imani Fairchild and Le Jong Hui
    Imani Fairchild and Le Jong Hui





    Of the five reviews three were so-so, one was glowing, and the last read more like an endorsement for Russian ballerina Natalia Osipova, after the writer compared Natalia’s version of Kitri to hers.

    Still, this was one of the only times her name had been mentioned as a professional dancer. Imani was over the moon with happiness. But that last review . . .

    “You’re thinking too hard on one review.” Hui told her.

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    Excerpts from The Player and RUSH 2

    For me, the story and also character development are of utmost importance in my novels. So I’ve been working hard to become not only a better writer, but a better editor. For readers who’ve been wondering when another full length novel will be released, I can tell you that it will be very soon.


    Harlow and Kyle promo1 copy low resolution


    The Player


    “So,” Harlow said, tracing a gentle fingertip along Kyle’s lower jaw. “How many of your brothers have a dimple right here” ─ she pressed the deep groove that was smack in the middle of his chin ─ “like yours?”

    With his eyes closed, Kyle gave her a sleepy chuckle before answering. “I’m the only one.”

    Feeling wonderfully sated but still frisky enough to make love again, Harlow molded her body to his. “Ooh . . . so who do look like, your mother or your father?”


    “You’re a combination of both, huh?”

    “No. I look like the guy my mother had an affair with while my dad was overseas.” When her finger caress stilled, he opened one eye to gauge her expression.

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    It’s LIVE!!

    So the FREE Wikkid Sexy Cool Ebook Sampler is finally LIVE on Amazon.com

    Just click the photo to be re-directed:


    WSC ebook sampler small copy


    The Sampler is free from 9/30 10/1 and 10/2


    Rundown on which excerpts are included in this promotional ebook:
    Hui – Korean ballet dancer falls for African American Ballerina © 2014


    Promo for the book Hui resized2



    Ivy League – After a torrid affair in college, two wealthy and politically ambitious rivals connect again on Capitol Hill  © 2014




    RUSH: Rory and Roxie’s story
    (spin off novella from the RUSH series)  © 2014


    Rory and Roxie in a sequel to RUSH



    RUSH: Unforgettable (spin off novella from the RUSH series) © 2014


    Dane2a copy with watermark
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    Money, honey

    A first look at the cover and a hint about the story line for RUSH 2 The Book of Aaliyah:


    New Cover for RUSH 2A small copy


    I have always been under the control and care of men. In the beginning of my life I followed orders because it was expected and I had no choice. But I am in America now. Here, I have chosen a different path  – Aaliyah, from RUSH 2, The Book of Aaliyah


    Okay, so I figured since I was already in Washington, DC with this new ebook about the elite on Capitol Hill:






    I might as well do a spin off novella about another beautiful, brainy and wealthy woman who’s featured in Ivy League:


    The Harder They Fall small copy



    Photo of Washington, DC by night courtesy of David ILiff

    URL Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:US_Capitol_Building_at_night_Jan_2006.jpg


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    Stock up September!!

    Before September ends, pick up the **FREE** Wikkid.Sexy.Cool. Book Sampler on Amazon starting Sunday, September 28th   Or Monday, Sept 29th, because it takes a bit longer for a book to go “live” on Amazon now. 

    I’ve been busy writing and honoring my promise to create more works with Asian, African, and First Nation lead characters.

    I’m calling this promo Stock up September, where expanded excerpts from many upcoming novels will be featured. Some examples:


    Gaijin promo2 small


    I did a couple of mock up promo posters using different effects.

    Gaijin promo2a small



    Gaijin promo1 copy2



    In the land of the rising sun a free woman is enslaved, until a Samurai pledges his sword . . . and his love 

    GAIJIN final2A cover



    I realize historicals may not be for everyone, so I’ve also got a few contemporary novels with diverse leading men that may appeal to readers. But I truly enjoy researching and writing historical novels for women.

    The Prince promo2 edited with watermark
    The Prince, a character featured prominently in the scifi time travel novel Miss Brighton’s School for Exceptional Young Ladies which also features magicians of the 19th century. The Prince is from India.


    Miss Brightons School for Exceptional Young Ladies5 extra small copy


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    Nothing can come between us

    I’ve stated before that I enjoy putting diverse couples together. So I plan on releasing a number of stories with male and female contemporary leads in several different, but relatable occupations.


    This time it’s political . . . 





    I haven’t attached an excerpt to the GIF of my novel Ivy League, but as soon as I narrow down which scene I want to use, it will be activated.

    Sade’s Nothing Can come Between Us is a safe, vague hint regarding the storyline:



    I’m still working on this post, so I’ll return later to add to it.   Sorry, I’d meant to put up my new ad that’s on Dear Author. I decided to change the female lead’s first name after the utterly senseless and tragic death of Renisha McBride. If you click the GIF it will take you to the excerpt page:


    Click the photo to read an excerpt from Thief of Hearts
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    Last Day for FREE excerpt downloads on Amazon

    Thank you, thank you THANK YOU! To all those who’ve tweeted and spread the word about the free Sneak Peek downloads this weekend. Since these are excerpts from novels, there was no way to know if any readers would be interested. So I’m very happy about the progress of The Scifi Sampler:


    FREE rankings for Excerpts on 5/11
    FREE rankings for Excerpts on 5/11

    Multicultural Scifi is another passion of mine. And QUEENSREALM is the next book coming out, so I hope all those who like to read scifi or futuristic military tales, or read about hot alien virgin heroes, or even THE ONE books (but this time a woman of color saves the world), well, I hope this book will appeal to those who like conflicted, but kick ass heroines.

    The "Allies" of QUEENSREALM
    The “Allies” of QUEENSREALM


    A new excerpt from QUEENSREALM:

    So this was where Banks threw the dissidents. They never escaped. He just had the Bog devour them,