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    Sweet Fantasy

    The Project: Create a short graphic novel that combines several of my upcoming ebook characters and crosses literary genres.


    Pagan’s Fantasy, low resolution. Photo editing and line art combined. Separate images are from Pixabay.com


    Here’s how the above scene will be on Page 2 of the graphic novel:

    Low Resolution mock up of Paranormal Graphic novel


    Graphic Novel beginning scene featuring Pagan



    Lovers Karnage and Pagan





    Karnage Xian taking off his shirt. Also pictured: His love interest, Pagan


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    Entanglements and Chinese Street Fashions

    Y’all can thank Ero Mei from Tik Tok  


    for a sizzling video @AmandaRosenberg posted on Twitter:



    UPDATE: The twitter video has been made private. Here’s a link to the original Tik-Tok video:





    So, showing more South Asian luv, my entangled IR couples with ebooks coming out:




    Pictured: Thai-American Rikh ki Khumpai and African American Lolo Benoit



    Emmanuel is a vibrant, sexually active woman navigating the dating scene in a wheelchair. Her story is a continuation of my Sex and the Single Paraplegic series (At Last is the first book). Her love interest is Christian Chua, a Filipino American.



    Featured: Big man Yul Sukari and Rhea Chappelle. Yul’s family is from Indonesia.





    Su Su kissing Justin, in a scene from The Prince of BOYStown. Su Su is from Myanmar (Burma).
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    All American

    Meet Yul Sukari, All American. A southeast asian leading man and athletic marvel. Yul has one goal in mind, and that’s to play in the NBA.

    But what happens when transfer student Rhea Chappelle doesn’t fall for the big man on campus? Is playing for the NBA still number one on Yul’s list, or is numero uno now all about winning Rhea’s heart?


    Yul Sukari, ALL AMERICAN




    Yul Sukari and Rhea Chappelle



    Yul Sukari collage



    Yul Above the Rim



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    For Love of the Game

    College basketball season is winding down, but I’m ramping up with new books that feature female players:


    Emanuelle playing in wheelchair league



    Emanuelle or “El” as she likes to be called, is a vibrant, sexually active paraplegic woman


    Emanuelle is a character who continues my Sex and the Single Paraplegic Series. The first book featured Torii and Ethan in At Last:

    Torii and Ethan


    My other basketball heroine:


    Rhea Chappelle


    Her love interest:

    Yul Sukari on the basketball court



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    One on One excerpt:

    Rhea had already decided that a quick hug would be appropriate for his chivalry. Lean in, squeeze and separate. Only she hadn’t figured on Yohan catching hold of her hand. He held it a beat too long while stepping backwards, as he if wanted to pull her to him. That moment in time, a sort of shy indecision made her words pour out. “You-you . . . I mean, I’ve got some strawberry wine coolers upstairs and-and video games. We could play Fortnite if you want.”

    His brows rose and quickly lowered at her offer. Fuck playing Fortnite©



    Pictured: Yohan Sukari and Rhea Chappelle, from the erotic New Adult ebook One on One



    Tenifah “Teenie” Ibekwe is on defense while point guard Mercedes Abreu dribbles in One on One



    Teenie Ibekwe makes a shot in the ebook One on One


    Rhea goes bonkers over Yohan – low resolution promo pic


    One on One excerpt:

    Yohan Sukari was in her dorm room. Spooning her. Spooning. Her.

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    Teach Me Tonight

    Play Ball:

    Rhea Chappelle realizes resistance is futile once big man Yohan Sukari turns on the charm, in the New Adult erotic romance One on One:


    Pictured: Rhea Chappelle and Yohan Sukari from the erotic New Adult romance One on One.






    Adults at play:


    Click the pic for an excerpt of this upcoming erotic IR romance


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    Monsters and Lovers

    Monsters and Lovers widget – extra small

    Instead of naming my new page on this site “creature feature” I’m going to call it Monsters and Lovers, since it highlights paranormal pairings. Here’s a larger version of the photo widget I created for it:


    Monsters and Lovers resized
    Monsters and Lovers: Karnage the Gargoyle and Pagan the wikkid witch.


    Pictured: Maxxim the vampire, Pagan the witch and Karnage the Gargoyle



    A Scarlet Witch: Pagan and Karnage
    A Scarlet Witch: Pagan and Karnage



    Pagan the witch and her pet snake.
    Pagan the witch and her pet snake.



    Karnage and Pagan, in scene from their ebook.
    Pagan giving Karnage some drama, in a scene from their novella.



    Pagan promo
    Pagan the witch