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    The Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is next Monday and Tuesday.  In honor of this festival, I’m lowering the price of The Player to 99 cents.

    Trinidad beauty queen falls for NFL quarterback
    Trinidad beauty queen falls for NFL quarterback


    carnival promo2Aa



    Carnival photo by Andrea De Silver of Reuters_ featuing Wendy Fitzwilliam


    Ozzy on his own copy
    Ozzy is the ex-factor, from the ebook The Player


    Excerpt from The Player:

    “I wish I could’ve seen you dance live back then.” He was sprawled on her bed with one of his long legs cocked up while the other was diagonal, his heel along the mattress edge. The way his legs were divided gave her a clear view of what lay heavy and thick between his legs.

    The way his eyes got that dreamy look in them, like he was imagining a number of things with her in that outfit gave Harlow an idea. “Close your eyes. Don’t open them until I tell you,” she ordered. “You’ve been a very good boy so I think you deserve a reward.”

    “I hope it’s what I think it is. But I may be wrong. Are you gonna do it? Are you gonna-”

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    March Madness!!

    March Madness is back, and its not just on the basketball court.

    Stay tuned to this spot, where I’ll announce which books will be on sale this month.

    First though, let me thank all the readers who took the time to purchase and read AT LAST, the interracial love story of a paraplegic male and an older black female. In keeping with the theme of diversity, HUI, the interracial romance set in the world of ballet will be released shortly, as well as The Player.


    Hui GIF for March
    HUI (pronounced Hway) the interracial romance set in the world of ballet, between a black ballerina and a North Korean ballet dancer




    Trinidad beauty queen falls for NFL quarterback
    Trinidad beauty queen falls for NFL quarterback in the ebook The Player



    Already released:


    At Last Promo4a
    Ethan and Torii, from the ebook At Last



    “I could go down on you forever” –  Ethan, from the erotic romance At Last


    At Last Promo watermarked
    At Last – May/Dec erotic romance between a paraplegic male and a businesswoman


    ** Proceeds from my novels are used to purchase FILM Equipment. Now is the time for minority writers to become screenwriters, and to be the change we want to see. **

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    Play on, Player

    Harlow and Kyle’s love story THE PLAYER is up for release along with another interracial romance titled HUI. I’d recreated several covers for The Player, and decided to use this one:



    The Player
    The Player



    Here are the other covers (I’m still planning on using them for promos):



    New Promo for The Player copy
    Kyle and Harlow from the interracial romance The Player.




    The Player resized promo
    Harlow and Kyle, the main couple in the interracial romance The Player




    This post is in development, but when I get the chance tonight I’ll post a riveting excerpt. There are two new couples who are introduced in this book. One couple’s story has already been released (Torii and Ethan from At Last)  The other couple is Adam and Eva. Adam is a Veterinarian, and Eva is a veteran of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. That’s all I’ll say for now.


    Adam and Eva1 cover glow added small size

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    Funkin’ for Jamaica

    An excerpt from Game.Set.Love will be up this weekend. It’s been posted, so just click the photo to read it:

    Game.Set.Love. Adult Novella
    Game.Set.Love. Adult Novella

    And since the heroine, Sinead Landon hails from Jamaica, I thought I’d add this old skol video with the song by Tom Browne:



    A new chapter of The Men of Hilton Hall will be up shortly, and I’m also putting up an excerpt from Make Me Yours, a spin-off from RUSH, featuring a group of Somali Bantu refugees. I hope to have that up tonight. It’s already up, please click the photo to be redirected to the page.

    Make Me Yours. African American divorcee fall for her Somali Bantu college professor.
    Make Me Yours. African American divorcee falls for her Somali Bantu college professor


    I’ve been busy working my nine to five and also editing a number of books (Gaijin, Razher II, The Player, Queensrealm and Furies). I don’t release a book until I’m satisfied that I’ve done the very best I can, and since I’m up against a deadline with The Player, I’m off to do more editing!

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    The Ex-lover versus the New Lover

    I’m planning on releasing The Player at the same time I release QUEENSREALM, because they’re in two different genres. I hope to release a multi-chapter Sneak Peek excerpt of The Player this week.

    Trinidad beauty queen falls for NFL quarterback
    Trinidad beauty queen falls for NFL quarterback



    And I think I’ve found the right stock photo for the character of Ozzy, who’s a hit making rapper (the photo below is an edited frame I plan on using for the animated GIF):

    the Great Oz copy2
    Rapper and ex-husband named Ozzy, from the ebook The Player


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    A big Thank You to readers outside of the U.S.

    I’m very grateful to all the readers who purchase my ebooks, and I have noticed readers buying from other countries.

    One of my many goals in writing and self publishing concerns having a lead female character from outside of the United States. For 2014, the Caribbean Islands represented in each of the three books below are:

    Love and Baseball – Barbados

    The Player – Trinidad

    Game. Set. Love. – Jamaica



    In addition, I have ebooks that didn’t come out last year, but I hope to have out in early 2014 with female lead characters from other parts of the world:

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    Race and Romance

    I’ve decided to write a few blogs posts regarding Race and Romance, to be housed in another section of this site. I hope to put up the first post this Saturday, since I’m using the long weekend off from work to hunker down and get more stories finished.

    A few novellas I’ve created covers for that I’m currently working on are below, and they feature a number of older characters. I think all these models are stunningly beautiful women and I’m committed to the creation of works that feature diversity, but also making certain my covers represent not just African American women, but women of color from around the globe who are far too often under-represented in romance:

    Valerius Rex, a sword and sandals tale set during the Fourth Crusade