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    Nothing can come between us

    I’ve stated before that I enjoy putting diverse couples together. So I plan on releasing a number of stories with male and female contemporary leads in several different, but relatable occupations.


    This time it’s political . . . 





    I haven’t attached an excerpt to the GIF of my novel Ivy League, but as soon as I narrow down which scene I want to use, it will be activated.

    Sade’s Nothing Can come Between Us is a safe, vague hint regarding the storyline:



    I’m still working on this post, so I’ll return later to add to it.   Sorry, I’d meant to put up my new ad that’s on Dear Author. I decided to change the female lead’s first name after the utterly senseless and tragic death of Renisha McBride. If you click the GIF it will take you to the excerpt page:


    Click the photo to read an excerpt from Thief of Hearts