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    Masters of our own Universe

    I’ve had to rediscover my love of writing, due to my mom’s death and a change in my family duties. Books were put on hold, but I plan on releasing new ones this month. I thank all readers for your patience during this trying time.

    What I love about writing is the ability to world build as I see fit (but still within the confines of reality when creating fiction based on real life). That’s why I’m excited about the upcoming New Adult offerings, like the basketball romance ONE on ONE.


    RHEA poster It’s not over when you lose it’s over when you quit -unknown


    Yohan Sukari’s “jock” collage


    Body by Yohan – Collegiate Basketball and NBA prospect Yohan Sukari, from the IR New Adult ebook One on One



    Pictured: Point Guard Jeloni Thorpe, from the IR New Adult ebook One on One


    This book focuses on two elite NCAA basketball players, one male and one female. The supporting characters include Hispanic and LGBTQ voices, because being inclusive is one of the reasons I decided to self-publish.


    Make-up sex is the greatest thing ever.

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    Teach Me Tonight

    Play Ball:

    Rhea Chappelle realizes resistance is futile once big man Yohan Sukari turns on the charm, in the New Adult erotic romance One on One:


    Pictured: Rhea Chappelle and Yohan Sukari from the erotic New Adult romance One on One.






    Adults at play:


    Click the pic for an excerpt of this upcoming erotic IR romance


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    So Thankful

    This is just a post giving thanks and also one of reflection.

    I’m so thankful that I got to spend time with my mom before she passed, and also how our family came together. I realize this is the next page in the chapter of life, where elder care and also helping those I love with disabilities will need more focus. I pray that I’m able to do even half of what my mom did.

    Maddox and Angel, from the upcoming ebook Ride or Die
    Maddox and Angel, from the upcoming ebook RUSH Ride or Die. Click the pic for an excerpt.


    Some of the spin-offs from the RUSH series are turning out to be novellas, while others have been moved up for ebook release. It all started with Somali Bantu refugee Aaliyah and the outlaw biker Aiden:

    The RUSH series
    Top frame – RUSH, featuring biker Aiden and refugee Aaliyah. Bottom – RIDE or DIE featuring Maddox and Angel



    But why should guys have all the fun?

    Introducing Yasmin, a road warrior for the Suicide Kings





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    A virgin is introduced to the sensual bondage art of Shibari and Kinbaku-bi.


    Scene from the upcoming erotic romance SENSEI


    Nyesha Adu, from the upcoming erotic romance SENSEI





    “Are you gonna eat that?” With her fork aimed at the last egg roll on his plate, Nyesha waited for an answer. Takeshi pushed his plate in her direction while she loudly slurped on a Ramen noodle until it disappeared between her lips. Like most places in Tokyo the restaurant was full. Excited chatter from the other patrons bombarded their table, though neither Nyesha or Takeshi had said much once their meals arrived. He leaned back in his chair, content to watch Nyesha get her fill. Even under the harsh florescent light her brown skin was pure silk in its hue and smoothness. Whenever she’d stare back at him, Takeshi realized he could get lost in the depths of her luminous dark eyes. She gave him a grimace, guessing how she must look, like she was vacuuming food down. “Sorry. Guess I was hungrier than I thought.”

    “It’s fine. Better to not let good food go to waste.”

    She could agree with that. After a very unladylike burp, Nyesha went on a laughing fit. “Oh shit. You must think I’m a pig, and I don’t blame you.”

    His brow went up at her use of profanity, but Nyesha’s smile was endearing enough to put Takeshi at ease. “Would you like to order anything else, in case you get hungry later?”

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    Back Among the Living

    I hate getting sick. For the past two years bronchitis has kicked my ass and then some.

    I’ve got a lot of  catching up to do, so my apologies for the delays. Time to get back to work.


    Pictured: Nyesha and Takeshi, from the erotic IR romance SENSEI


    shibari man1 edited_watermarked




    His eyes darted from hers. “You are a woman who knows about men. Is this not so?”

    “Er . . . yes, it is.”

    “I want to know, I need to learn about women. How to-how to make them happy.  How to pleasure them.”

    She sat down on a white leather lounger that was so buttery soft her rear end bobbed in delight. Oh yes, she could get used to this. No more sleeping or walking across a cold floor, not when he’d revealed that all the floors were electronically heated. Her smile radiated warmth at the thought. “Okay, what are you into?”

    Takeshi cocked his head. “What into?”

    “What do you like, what do you fantasize about, what would you like to do to me right now?”

    He seemed to be taken aback at her directness. After an excruciatingly long silence, he blurted, “To have you pose, like in art class. I-I would like to draw you without your clothes on.”

    Her face registered a whole lot of Really? Really dude? That’s what you wanna do? Draw me instead of fuck me? Nyesha sighed as she stood up, inwardly vowing that no matter what, his lounger would be leaving with her after all this was over. “Will you unzip me?”

    He snapped to attention, quickly coming to her aid as she turned around. The zipper came down slowly, the air cool on her back as more of her skin was exposed. With a flick of her hand one shoulder was freed, then the other until the dress slithered down her waist. Before he could step back, in a husky voice she ordered him to touch her breasts. “Go ahead and feel them. It’s something that turns most women on.”

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    Woman on top

    Nyesha Adu is nobody’s victim.

    Over the years she’s left a trail of broken hearts and emptied bank accounts, but Takeshi Nishikowa is different. Sweetly earnest and fiercely protective of her, for the first time in Nyesha’s life she just might be ready to stick around for a while. That is, until secrets from her past threaten their growing love affair, forcing Takeshi to return to a life he’d left behind.


    Nyesha edited_watermarked
    Nyesha Adu relaxes in the home of the latest man she’s conned, Takeshi Nishikowa.




    Man bound and on his knees with logo1
    Pictured: Takeshi Nishikowa, from the erotic thriller SENSEI





    Nyesha wore a black trench coat that was clinched at the waist. With her hands in her pockets, she did a bouncy walk toward him. “You’ve been following me.”


    “You’re not a very good liar.”

    It was true. Her stare caused Takeshi to drop his head, unable to meet her eyes. “Yes,” he blurted.

    “See? Now doesn’t it feel better to tell the truth?”

    “Yes . . . and no.” Takeshi nodded vigorously as he answered, because he hadn’t been truthful. “No, I am ashamed.”

    “Why? It’s kind of a turn on for me.”



    Another Sensei promo edited
    Takeshi and Nyesha, from the soon to be released erotic romance SENSEI


    Surprised, his head jerked up. “I-I thought you would be angry.”

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    My favorite scene from RUSH

    RUSH, the story of a motorcycle gang member who falls for a Somali Bantu refugee is now live on Amazon.

    The ebook RUSH is available for sale on Amazon


    My D’oh! moment:  I have the US participation in Somalia listed as Operation Freedom when it was Operation Restore Hope. I plan to correct that today.  Okay, the edit is done. Now KDP has to update the Look Inside feature and the ebook itself.


    Here’s my favorite scene from the book:

    Kerai, my second mother is watching TV in Ba’ba’s room. It is a bedroom they share at night, but it is his room when he comes home from work. She is very active, giggling and hollering at me to come in and close the door. “Aaliyah, what is it they are doing? He is having mani?”

    On the TV, two people are rolling around on a bed. I sit down on my father’s bed, looking around the room at all he has. I did not know he enjoyed reading so many books. When I see the covers, they are of American celebrities with very big smiles.

    “Aaliyah, watch them!” Kerai grabs my arm, looking over at me and laughing. “Oh, they are naked!”

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    RUSH – A Different Kind of Love Story

    RUSH will be out any day now. I’ve created a few more promos with the title of the book strategically placed as a watermark on the first pix 🙂


    Aiden and Aaliyah together at last promo
    Motorcycle gang member falls for Somali Bantu refugee in the ebook RUSH


    I’d wanted to write a book that featured a refugee for a while, but the pitfall with a character like Aaliyah is making sure she’s not a Mary Sue.