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    The Past is Present

    I’ve created new visuals, some in graphic novel form to promote my upcoming ebook featuring 3 witches and their love interests.

    The final promo is from my ebook “The Queen of Comedy” which is also set for release. The promo features 1960s comedian David Latimore and his wife, singer Contessa Earle.


    Gargoyle Karnage Xian as a Wuxia Hero:

    Karnage and Pagan guarding the Niujie Mosque in Beijing, China during the Qing Dynasty. Ancient armor costume from http://m.china-cart.com



    Warlock Ronin and the Witch Ondine, New Orleans circa 1850



    Elder Witch Lilith and the Russian Vampire Yuri outside the Cotton Club, 1932



    Classic 1950s – Comedian David Latimore and singer Contessa Earle



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    Black Witches

    UPDATE – Family comes first, so I had to step away from writing in order to help out.

    I hope to get back on track with book releases. My sincere apologies for the delay.


    Here’s a blast from the past:



    On the cover of Nino Ferrer’s 1974 album Nino and Radiah, beautiful American model/actress/singer Radiah Frye, (wiki bio is in French, view on Google to translate into English). A jazzy soul song from this album can heard here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1s0-tbR-nzs

    Radiah Frye’s daughter is choreographer Mia Frye.


    Pictured: Yohan Sukari, whose family is from Southeast Asia (Indonesia) falls hard for fellow basketball player Rhea Chappelle, in the New Adult erotic romance One on One.


    NCAA star Yohan Sukari meets his match in Rhea Chappelle, from the novel One on One




    Kinda, sorta cover reveal:

    Pictured: black witches PAGAN, LILITH and ONDINE


    The promo above is a mock up cover from my upcoming black witch series, though the title will be different.


    Elder witch Lilith and her younger vampire lover, Yuri


    Lilith and Yuri Romance GIF



    石像鬼 is Gargoyle in Chinese.
    Pictured: Chinese Gargoyle Karnage and his lady love, the witch Pagan


    Pictured: The witch Pagan and her Gargoyle love, Karnage.


    Karnage Xian – low resolution pic




    The witch Ondine and her soulmate, the warlock Ronin circa 1850s



    Ronin Bey collage


    Chic witch Ondine, in the present day



    Ronin Bey fire promo
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    A Discovery of Black Orishas

    Orisha, from the Yoruba language is also listed as Orixa in Latin America. The word means Deity.

    West African Orishas are vividly imaged by photographer and digital artist James C. Lewis, from a 2013 article in BUZZFEED by Donna Dickens:

    Aganju – click his picture to get more information



    OBA – click her picture to get more information



    Osanyin – click his picture to get more information



    See the full article with additional deities and info here:

    Link: https://www.buzzfeed.com/donnad/these-african-deities-are-the-best-gods-youve-never-heard-of


    My fictional sister witches:

    Pictured: Ondine, Lilith and Pagan, my fictional witches dressed in black latex.


    Witches 3 portrait


    Pictured: Ondine, Lilith and Pagan



    WITCH promo – Ondine, Pagan and Lilith



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    Practical Magic

    It’s a new year and I’ve got new books to release.


    Karnage and Pagan celebrate the New Year


    One will include the origin of Werewolf Andre Santana, a member of the NightStalkers:


    Andre Santana werewolf gif. Werewolf artwork by rhabwar troll stock of DeviantArt.com


    Pictured: Ronin Bey, Ash, Andre Santana and Karnage


    Pictured: Karnage and his lady love, the witch Pagan.



    Morning sex: Pagan and Karnage



    Pictured: Chinese Gargoyle Karnage Xiān. Gargoyle 3d model by tonyp44 of cgtrader.com. Gargoyle face is digitally edited.



    Interracial couple (digitally edited pic) For more IR couples, please click the photo.


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    Brujería y magia negra

    More witchcraft and black magic gifs, featuring paranormals of color:


    Witches 3 – Lilith, Pagan and Ondine


    I enjoy creating character promos in-between writing and editing my ebooks:


    Ondine in fire



    Lilith among the crows



    Witch on a broom – Pagan



    Ronin Bey – burning embers promo


    Stormfront – featuring Karnage the Gargoyle and Pagan the witch


    Yuri the vampire and Lilith
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    Witch Lit 101

    Or what I now call how I had to do some serious research on witch folklore, specifically on black witches. I’ll just add that the female witches I’ve created all have history spanning lives, in addition to supernatural soulmates.

    I’ve also created new marketing promos for my upcoming black witches series:

    PAGAN dressed in a modern sexy witch costume.



    The witch LILITH is greeted by the vampire Yuri.



    Pictured: The witch ONDINE and warlock Ronin Bey.






    Lilith, Pagan and Ondine will also be featured in the ebook Long Ago and Far Away

    Pictured: Lovers Joran and Mariah, from the time traveling erotic romance Long Ago and Far Away. Click the pic to read an excerpt.






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    That Old Black Magic

    They’re three very different witches with three very different paranormal males in their lives:



    Lilith is an older witch in love with a younger vampire named Yuri:



    Karnage is a Shíxiàng guǐ (Gargoyle in Chinese)


    Karnage Xian – 3D Gargoyle body by Dwarvencurse


    Karnage and his lover Pagan the witch.



    Pictured: The witch Ondine, a Fire Necromancer, and the warlock Ronin Bey.



    Jean Baptiste aka Ronin Bey



    Ronin and Ondine in Old New Orleans
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    King Karnage

    Chinese Royalty. Playboy. Fine as hell. Wealthy beyond measure. And he’s a Gargoyle. That’s Karnage, aka Dà túshā


    Karnage promo
    Karnage Xī’ān, before he takes to the skies. His last name is based on Xī’ān, the capital of Shaanxi, China.


    Karnage under archway_watermarked and sharpened



    Pagan and Karnage promo
    Karnage and the woman he falls hard for, Pagan.



    Pagan and Kanage promo
    Pagan the witch and Karnage the Gargoyle promo


    Pictured: Lovers Pagan and Karnage
    Pictured: Lovers Pagan and Karnage at his palace.


    I’m working on Ondine’s promos (in-between editing my other books). I’d done this earlier one for Lilith and Yuri:

    Lilith the witch and Yuri the vampire promo. Also pictured, Yuri and his brother Maxxim.


    Witch hunter stalking Lilith.
    Witch hunter stalking Lilith.