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    Reading, writing and Amazon

    I create a lot of promos and book covers for my ebooks, and I usually do it on Saturdays:


    Karnage nu promo copy
    Karnage Xian, Gargoyle from the ebook NIGHTSTALKERS




    Le Jong Hui, ballet dancer
    Le Jong Hui, ballet dancer




    Le Jong Hui, from the ebook HUI



    I added a spotlight to my Imani performance pic. The original just had her over a black background:

    Spotlight on Imani watermarked
    Edited Imani performance pic



    The title for this novella isn’t set yet. I just wanted to add text to it:



    Reckless copy watermarked
    A new interracial novella


    My main witchy-poo from Long Ago and Far Away: Lilith

    Lilith from Long Ago and Far Away
    Lilith, a beautiful and bad ass witch from the upcoming ebook Long Ago and Far Away


    On or after August 15th, indie writers who are enrolled in Amazon’s Select program will find out just how much each page read under Amazon’s new system will amount to. The guessing game up to now has been that the honeymoon is over regarding payment under the Select program.

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    Taking that next step: Filmmaking

    First, I have to say this never would’ve been possible without the proceeds from my books. So I have to give a great big grateful THANK YOU to all those who’ve bought (and continue to buy) my novels.

    In addition to writing, I’ve also been moving into the ranks of independent filmmaking. It’s something I truly love to do and I think more minority writers may need to take that step.

    For anyone who may be interested in more diversity on screen via independent filmmaking, I’ll list the equipment I’ve acquired after careful research, especially for a filmmaker on a budget. This has always been a major part of my platform as there are more avenues for independent works to be seen, so now is the perfect time.


    Hui promo for The Dance small size


    For me, everything starts with the written word. From there I’m able to give the characters their own unique personalities and world build. The promos and GIFS come next, then the book trailers, so film is simply an extension of all the other things I love to do.

    Not every ebook I write will turn into a film. But each book I write helps me become a better author.


    Kenya and Brandon at the Capitol small pic





    To be continued . . .

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    Why more writers of color need to enter the ABNA’s

    This year my book HEAVEN once again made it to the quarterfinal round of the ABNA’s (Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards) which meant the book was reviewed by someone contracted by Publisher’s Weekly. Long story short, I can use snippets of the review when promoting the novel. The ones I plan on using are  “straight forward and emotionally raw story”  and  “starts off strong and develops a genuine emotional connection between Nevaeh and Joshua.”

    The ebook HEAVEN
    The ebook HEAVEN


    I’ve had a great run with this novel. It reached #1 in a couple of sub-categories on Amazon (the category dance on Amazon is tough enough for indie writers, but especially frustrating for YA indie writers whose leads are characters of color. That’s a whole ‘nother post that I have to rant about).

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    Last Day for FREE excerpt downloads on Amazon

    Thank you, thank you THANK YOU! To all those who’ve tweeted and spread the word about the free Sneak Peek downloads this weekend. Since these are excerpts from novels, there was no way to know if any readers would be interested. So I’m very happy about the progress of The Scifi Sampler:


    FREE rankings for Excerpts on 5/11
    FREE rankings for Excerpts on 5/11

    Multicultural Scifi is another passion of mine. And QUEENSREALM is the next book coming out, so I hope all those who like to read scifi or futuristic military tales, or read about hot alien virgin heroes, or even THE ONE books (but this time a woman of color saves the world), well, I hope this book will appeal to those who like conflicted, but kick ass heroines.

    The "Allies" of QUEENSREALM
    The “Allies” of QUEENSREALM


    A new excerpt from QUEENSREALM:

    So this was where Banks threw the dissidents. They never escaped. He just had the Bog devour them,

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    RUSH release later today 5/05

    The full ebook of RUSH will be out later today, and I must thank all the individuals who re-tweeted my tweet on the free download. With their assistance, the excerpt alone landed in the top ten of FREE ebooks in the category of African American Romance.

    Today is also the last day for the multi-excerpt free download. So there’s still time to read the very beginning of the book for FREE via Amazon.com:

    RUSH Sneak Peek excerpt on Amazon
    RUSH Sneak Peek excerpt on Amazon
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    The Final Four of March Madness Revealed!!

    The Sweet Sixteen teams in the NCAA tournament will be set this week, but I’ve gone ahead and picked my final four Sneak Peeks for Amazon.com:


    Motorcycle gang member Aiden falls for Somali Bantu refugee Aaliyah, in the ebook RUSH
    Motorcycle gang member Aiden falls for Somali Bantu refugee Aaliyah, in the ebook RUSH



    Scenes from RUSH





    GAIJIN ebook cover
    A free woman of color is enslaved in 1860s Japan


    Click for larger image:

    Gaijin - A Colored Maiden's Voyage and Recollections of Japan in the 1860s
    Gaijin – A Colored Maiden’s Voyage and Recollections of Japan in the 1860s



    Miss Brighton’s School for Exceptional Young Ladies


    Miss Brighton's School for Exceptional Young Ladies
    Miss Brighton’s School for Exceptional Young Ladies


    A time traveler must alter the past to ensure the world has a future
    A time traveler must alter the past to ensure the world has a future


    And the final Sneak Peek slot goes to . . .

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    Sneak Peek of the Stone Boy is free!




    Get a five chapter excerpt of The Stone Boy as a free download Monday (11/18) thru Wednesday (11/20).


    The Stone Boy (this is the small sample, Sneak peek)



    If you enjoy the free preview, then you may want to read The Stone Boy New Adult novel. See how the love story between Nicole and Derek began before the sequel, The Stone Hero is released:


    Sequel to The Stone Boy, The Stone Hero takes place over five years later




    This free promo is coupled with a sneak peek of FURIES, a Paranormal Romance.


    Furies ebook