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    Magic and Mayhem GIFS

    Three Women. Three Witches with three different tales on life as a supernatural.

    Their stories are coming soon. 


    Pictured: The black witch LILITH

    Lilith is from West Africa. I didn’t create the animated flying birds. Attribution for that GIF is Mr.EvilBoy (name is also in the bottom left corner of this combined GIF). Lilith’s face in this promo is inspired by the beautiful Ethiopian model Senait Gidey.


    The Witch Lilith


    The Vampire YURI, who is Lilith’s lover.



    The Red Witch of Sorrow, Ondine Saint Gauthier


    Haitian Warlock Ronin Bey, love interest of the witch Ondine


    Pictured: Warlock Ronin Bey



    Hispanic Werewolf Andre “Dre” Santana



    Witches Pagan and Ondine



    Pictured: Werewolf Dre Santana, Warlock Ronin Bey, Gargoyle Karnage Xian


    Pictured: The Witch Pagan breaking a mirror


    Karnage Xian, Gargoyle Crown Prince and Pagan’s lover.


    Pagan channels Lightning


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    The Hitman’s Vampire Bodyguard

    What an NBA finals game five last night! The Phoenix Suns vs The Milwaukee Bucks

    Fear the Deer indeed. In the final seconds, that steal, the lob, the alley oop. Giannis posing for the camera after the basket:


    Power Forward Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks

    Loved it!!!!


    My erotic paranormal cast:


    Top left to Right: Pagan, Lilith and Ondine (witches). Middle: Karnage (gargoyle), Andre (werewolf) Yuri (vampire), Irina (vampire) and Ronin (warlock). Bottom: Makseem (vampire)



    The Vampire crown prince Machiavelli “Mac” Faust and his royal bodyguards, Yuri and Irina.


    Yuri is Lilith’s love interest. The crown prince Machiavelli Faust was introduced in a much, much earlier book called RAZHER, but that book is in the young adult genre:

    RAZHER, the she-wolf from New Zealand. Also pictured: Mac the Vampire and Havoc the Gargoyle


    After I released RAZHER on Amazon and prior to my mom’s cancer, I’d started writing an erotic interracial paranormal featuring witches, vampires and gargoyles.


    The Hitman’s Vampire Bodyguard: IRINA, who also protects Yuri.



    The Gargoyle Karnage Xian watches over the city


    The inspiration for Karnage’s promo came from one of my favorite shows, LUPIN, starring Omar Sy on Netflix:


    LUPIN 2 is now back on Netflix, starring Omar Sy










    Three Witches: Ondine, Lilith and Pagan
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    Waiting in the Wings

    Like Imani, a ballet dancer who waited for her chance to shine in the novel HUI, I’ve got a number of other novels in both the adult genre and new adult genre that I’m currently editing in order to release.

    One of my earliest novels dealt with females – specifically a fictional group of gritty women on a navy vessel with interconnecting story lines. I’m going to put up an excerpt shortly. Right now I’m focused on getting HUI ready for release.


    Sisters of Mercy ebook cover
    Sisters of Mercy ebook cover






    Andre in Beast mode with watermark






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    Long Story Short

    I need to get out of this funky mood (the footage from Ferguson and also the interviews of young people explaining why they’re upset are on repeat in my mind). So besides my rant post, I’m listing a few more things I’ve been doing.

    Short reads in the adult erotic romance department but packed with emotion are coming next month. Click to view an excerpt of a romance between a paraplegic male and his upstairs neighbor:   At Last small copy2 with tagline copy



     Click image  to read an excerpt:


    Make Me Yours. African American divorcee falls for her Somali Bantu college professor.
    Make Me Yours. African American divorcee falls for her Somali Bantu college professor. Spin off novella from the RUSH: Suicide Kings series



    This is a new cover I’d created for Rory (a character introduced in the ebook RUSH) who’s paired with an exotic dancer named Roxie. I wasn’t as comfortable with my original cover, so I created this one about a month ago. Click the image for an excerpt:

    Anatomy of a Seduction ebook cover small size copy
    Anatomy of a Seduction – Rory and Roxie’s erotic romance. This is another spin off of the RUSH:Suicide Kings series



    Much like with my writing, I tend to create lots of covers and then whittle them down to the ones that I like the best. Another example is this one I did for HUI by editing two different photos:


    First kiss1




    But I decided to go with this one instead:


    Hui final cop small



    Oh, and one more thing:

    New Nightstalkers promo small size

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    Paranormal in Living Color

    Life interrupted, so I wasn’t able to finish editing HUI since I work full-time and write part time. But it will be out very soon. Here’s how I deal with the eye-strain of pages and pages of text:


    Paranormals watermarked copy
    From left to right: Karnage Xian – Gargoyle  Ronin – Warlock  Andre Santana – Werewolf



    Julian the Vampire watermarked copy
    Julian Larouche – Victorian Era Vampire



    Smoldering Firedrake small copy
    Ronin – a Firedrake Warlock





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    My Kind of Diversity

    I’m going to repost this 2013 link from BUZZFEED, because it lists a number of Asian leading men who may not be familiar to American audiences:



    I’m still cleaning up a number of books (reviewing sentence structure, getting rid of overdone or purple prose, checking for typos). I have to oversee every aspect of self-pubbing and I re-write scenes like crazy. Sometimes I’ll write a scene several times over, only to cut the whole dang thing and use just a couple of sentences.

    Just a few more promos to post, because creating them helps me visualize characters and their traits:


    Non traditional love stories



    Imani and Hui in love copy with tattoo final copy
    Imani and Hui, from the contemporary romance set in the world of ballet, HUI



    Werewolf Andre Santana,  Gargoyle Karnage Xian and the Other
    Werewolf Andre Santana, Gargoyle Karnage Xian and the Other
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    Cover Reveal and Books for Boys

    Andre Santana gets his own ebook:


    American Werewolf1 small copy



      Click for a larger view:

    Andre Santana gets his own ebook.
    Andre Santana gets his own ebook


    Because Andre Santana is a recurring character in several other books (he’s in Razher and Confessions of a Shapeshifter. He’s also got a cameo in Razher, Rise of the Gargoyles) I’d always planned to have a spin off book for Andre AKA Dre AKA Cadaver Dawg, and now I’ve completed the cover.

    Some other books featuring males:

    YA contemporary featuring Trayvon Wilfredo Lima, a hearing impaired teen who finds love.



    New Adult scifi HAZE mock up cover
    New Adult scifi HAZE