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    Crazy N Love

    First up is my new cover for the ebook RAZHER, the tale of an African American/Maori she-wolf who teams with a Russian Vampire and Chinese Gargoyle, to take on the corrupt elders of their respective species.


    Here’s my new cover for RAZHER. One of the changes is the addition of Havoc Xian on the cover, since he is in the book. Havoc is the younger brother of Karnage, who’s featured in NIGHTSTALKERS


    The Talented Mister Matsuda, from the upcoming erotic romance SENSEI




    Angel and Maddox promo4 copy
    Lovers on the run – Angel and Maddox, from RUSH: Ride or Die. Click photo for an excerpt



    Lilith from Long Ago and Far Away
    Witchy woman Lilith, from Long Ago and Far Away


    Reflection of Mariah copy watermarked
    Mariah Hawthorne, from Long Ago and Far Away




    “Awwww suky suky now,” Keenan sang, nodding towards the entrance. “Looks like Cleopatra Jones just joined the party.”

    “Cleo who?” Joran could never figure out half the stuff coming out of Keenan’s mouth.

    “Just turn around, man. A fine lookin’ sista just came in. She’s Lupita Nyong’o and Halle Berry rolled into one. Don’t tell me you haven’t met Mariah Hawthorne yet, ‘cause she’s the best thing about this damn Arias Industries take over.”

    Joran was about to chug down more of his drink when his hand stopped in mid-air. It was like he’d been struck by lightning. The woman was of medium height, very curvy and wore a perfectly round Afro, as if she were a throwback from another decade. Somehow it worked for her, because coupled with her form fitting blouse and skirt, the 70s afro gave her an edginess that had all heads turning. The fact that she was positively beautiful probably had a little something to do with it.