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    Enter the Dragon . . . Drogon

    HBO’s Game of Thrones is killing it this season! Look at the FX for Drogon: 

    GIF courtesy of the site Gadgets 360, article by Akhil Arora


    Link: http://gadgets.ndtv.com/entertainment/features/game-of-thrones-season-7-trailer-breakdown-khaleesi-jon-snow-winter-is-here-1715714

    I cannot wait to see episode 4  of Season 7 tomorrow! It’s worth noting that GOT (the TV series) wouldn’t be possible without the acclaimed novels of author George R. R. Martin.



    Pictured: Torii and Ethan, from the IR love story featuring a paraplegic artist and a forty-something businesswoman AT LAST


    Pictured: Le Jong Hui and Imani Fairchild, from the erotic IR ebook set in the world of ballet, titled HUI


    Hui does Michael copy
    Hui as the King of Pop, Michael Jackson


    Trinidad beauty queen falls for NFL quarterback
    Trinidad beauty queen falls for NFL quarterback



    A blast from the past:

    Superman VS Muhammad Ali
    Superman VS Muhammad Ali
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    The Love and Ballet Series Begins

    Click the image to be redirected to Amazon.com Read an extended excerpt via Amazon’s Look Inside feature




    Weak and disoriented as he finally slid into her, all Imani could manage was a feeble caress along his arm. It wasn’t fair. She was so crazy about him.
    Sensing her despair, his movements slowed. “What’s wrong?”

    How could she put it into words what she didn’t understand? “Why are you doing this . . . like this-”

    The bed stopped creaking. She felt his eyes on her, trying to read her expression. “Don’t you want me to love you?”

    He probably didn’t realize how loaded that question was. “I do. I want you to love – to make love to me.”

    After getting the go-ahead, instead of measured thrusts, Hui acted on pure unbridled lust. Now he was simply fucking her, rough and without any inhibition. This was brutal, take no prisoner’s sex. The kind that played on the Discovery Channel, where the male lion mounted the female and just went at it, until his roar of pleasure echoed from miles around. The female? Well, unlike Imani, she didn’t have much choice. When things slowed down to hard grind, the air escaping and gathering in Imani’s lungs blasted hot as a furnace.


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    Black woman, Asian male . . . Finally, Hui is ready!

    I’m late, the book should have been on Amazon yesterday, and for that I sincerely apologize. My hope is that the love story between Imani and Hui will be live on Amazon.com later today. I thank all the readers who want to buy the book for your patience.


    Hui and Imani having fun final FX copy watermarked
    Imani Fairchild and Le Jong Hui, from the interracial romance set in the world of ballet, HUI




    Double exposure pic of for HUI2 copy
    Interracial Romance and Ballet, HUI
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    Download December 2!!

    It’s that time of year again. Download December, where you can pick up free extended excerpts of previous and upcoming releases and also 99 cent ebooks. This is my second year holding this event, hence the “2” part.

    Download December will officially start on Saturday, December 5th, and these books kick off the sale:

    Free Sneak peeks*: The Stone Boy/Furies, The Player, RUSH

    *A sneak peek is a promotional excerpt

    At Last – 99 cents for December


    **The Free SneakPeeks promo ended on Monday, December 7th**


    Wheelchair sex with Ethan and Torii FX copy copy
    Torii Theas falls for paraplegic artist Ethan Forche. This promo pic is for the sequel to AT LAST



    HUI will be released in December.



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    Dancing like no one’s watching

    What I’m watching: HBO’s The Latin Explosion: a New America

    I hope they include Celia Cruz. I was so happy to see José Feliciano’s segment. Many people know Feliciano’s hit Feliz Navidad, but his rendition of the star spangled banner was groundbreaking, and years before Marvin Gaye’s souful version. 

    Yes! they just showed vintage Celia!! Cuban born Celia Cruz is a Salsa legend. I hope someone does a big screen bio on her. 

    Celia Cruz immortalized on a US stamp
    Celia Cruz, immortalized on a US stamp



    This is an excellent documentary. It was good to see footage of artists I still enjoy listening to.


    I’ve got a few ebooks that I’ve kept under the radar, since I love creating unique story lines. So if you enjoy reading books featuring diverse characters who navigate through challenging life stories, then you may want to check them out.

    The next romantic release from Wikkid.Sexy.Cool books highlights that age old debate. Can love co-exist with a burning drive to succeed?


    Le Jong Hui is a charismatic ballet superstar. Imani Fairchild is his love interest, in the interracial romance HUI


    This is why I enjoy digital editing, because I can manipulate stock photos to create covers and promos that feature minorities.


    Low resolution color version of HUI promo, featuring Le Jong Hui and Imani Fairchild


    Le Jong Hui is ripped. Oh hell yeah. And he’s good in bed




    “Oh, Imani, you’ve got company,” Julio sang, just before knocking on her bedroom door and getting the okay to enter.

    Imani was on the verge of asking “Who is it?” when a familiar face peeked over Julio’s shoulder. Hui thanked Julio, who was bold enough to turn around and tell him, “Hey now, I told you to wait in the front room-”

    “Thank you, thank you,” Hui kept saying, but Julio wouldn’t budge. Whenever Hui tried stepping around him, Julio blocked his way.

    “Julio, it’s okay,” she finally said.

    “Well alright then. Y’all have a good time.” He backed out of the room, closing the door slowly while giving Imani a comical face. “Adios.”

    Once they were alone Imani acted as if it was totally normal that she was covered from forehead to chin with a frothy green beauty mask. “It’s an avocado peel. S’posed to clear my pores,” she told him. “It’s not really dry yet.”

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    The Carina Press watch continues

    Back in mid-September (of 2015), I mentioned on Dear Author how Carina Press lacked a multicultural or IR category. I got a response and a request to send an email to Angela James. I followed up with an email as requested, on September 16th.


    I kept it short and to the point:

    Hello Ms. James,

    Thank you for responding to my comment on Dear Author. 
    I just thought a category on Carina’s main listing of genres could benefit from an additional category representing diverse protagonists. 
    It would also make the books you offer that feature a diverse range of lead characters easier to find on the site. 
    Again, thank you for responding and being receptive to this suggestion.


    I wish I had better news to report, but as of the date of this post, Carina still lacks a category for either IR, multicultural or diverse characters.


    Here’s a screen shot as of November 26th:


    Carina Press screen shot


    Why is this important? Well, for readers who enjoy romances featuring Angels and Demons (a niche category that’s listed on the site) they can readily find them, or male/male or female/female, djinn, BDSM, Minage, Shifters, Dragon, Vampires and Ghosts . . .

    Quite simply, making it easier for a reader to find books with diverse leads benefits not just the reader, but also the publisher. Buyers can’t purchase these books if they don’t know the publisher carries them. 

    There’s an irony about all this that I hope won’t be lost. Imaginary creatures are front and center, but including a category or categories that reflect the world as we know it, somehow aren’t?

    And in fairness, Carina Press isn’t the only publisher without a category or designation for diverse reads readily visible. 

    Here’s my hope, that publishers will start routinely including categories for readers who enjoy romance between people of different races and people with disabilities.

    I’m a reader first and foremost. I also support authors who write for major publishers as well as indies. Yes, change takes time. As someone who has contributed labor for a web site redesign (for a large company), I recognize this. So, I’ll just stay patient.



    UPDATE:  No change as of 6/27/16.  


    Carina Press main website page 6_27_16







    Moving on:  

    Torii and Ethan are getting a sequel. I’m doing more research, and I’ve got a solid story line for their next ebook.


    Torii and Ethan’s romance continues in a sequel to AT LAST
    Torii and Ethan’s romance continues in a sequel to AT LAST



    The next ebook release is HUI


    Ballet sex symbol Le Jong Hui, from the interracial romance HUI


    African American ballerina Imani Fairchild, practicing with soloist Lenny McGill




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    Hello from the Other Side

    If this is your first time visiting this site, I hope you’ll take the time to look around. I write for an underserved population. That is to say, my books feature leads of color (or co-leads who are minority). Most of my in house created book covers and promos reflect my writing platform, which is multicultural in scope.


    At Last XMas copy resized copy
    Torii Theas falls for her paraplegic neighbor, in the ebook AT LAST – low resolution promo



    While I write primarily in the IR or interracial romance genre, my manuscripts also include scifi, historical romance, NA, YA and non-fiction.

    Thank you for stopping by!

    Le Jong Hui and Imani Fairchild, from the upcoming interracial romance set in the world of ballet, HUI




    Kenya Paul and Brandon Jefferson Wingate from the ebook IVY League




    A paraplegic male and forty something businesswoman go from friends to torrid lovers, in the erotic romance AT LAST