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His wide eyed, attentive gaze followed the path of the nylon rope circling his waist. She’d advised him to look in the overhead mirror if he wanted to view her work from behind, so that’s what Takeshi did, welcoming her presence as she stood there, fussing with a loop at the small of his back, bringing up rope ends of equal length between his legs, then dividing them into opposite directions at his crotch.

The silence was broken by Nyesha’s hurried explanation. “Since this is your first time I won’t bind your elbows or your hands. I want you to feel comfortable. And safe.

He gave her a grateful nod. Though she was all business, each time her knuckles and finger tips brushed against him, his arousal grew.

With a single strand of rope pulling along his rectum, the friction was exquisite, causing Takeshi to rock on his bare heels. Nyesha continued to tell herself she was doing this for his benefit, not hers. She was the rigger and he was the bottom, and his needs came before anything else. But his clinching butt cheeks didn’t go unnoticed. So she paused, asking if she should continue, taking the time to compose herself. He nodded, eyes now squeezed shut, focused solely on her nearness and the way she breathed steady and sure, barely exhaling. Truly, he craved her warm breath as it caressed his skin.

Repeating the process of threading the rope ends between his legs and passing them to the rear, this time the separated strands landed at the far end of each butt cheek. He took a quick peek in the overhead mirror, noticing a diamond pattern develop at his sides, as the rope looped through the larger one lining his testicles. Since he was such a willing, quiet partner, Nyesha decided to narrate what was being done to him.

“This is a basic restraint but it’s also something you can practice on your own. I tried not to make it too tight. I’m going to pull harder and you tell me when to stop.” She proceeded to use the ropes as a lever. With less slack and more tension, the squeezing of his ball sack was under her command . . .

He took a very deep breath and gritted his teeth before telling her, “Tighter. Make it tighter.”

Nyesha froze. One of the ropes slipped out of her hand and floated to the floor. “What did you just say?”

“I don’t want to play it safe.” His dark eyes pleaded with hers. “I give myself over to you.”

“Takeshi, I do my own rigging most of time because I know my body and I’ve learned what I can tolerate. You’ve seen what I do. It’s Shibari, not Kinbaku. I’m a performance artist, not a dom. I-I don’t want to do anything that might hurt you-”

If this was the only way he could be near her, to have her all to himself, then he’d do whatever it took. He’d do whatever she needed. His voice came out in a desperate, heated rush. “I submit to you.”

Telling her that was like placing a canary and a cat in the same cage. “You’re sure?”



~~~~~End of Excerpt~~~~~

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