Valkyrie Jones

Valkyrie Jones book cover


Valencia Perez just found out her real name is Valkyrie -yes that kind of Valkyrie- which explains her glowing skin whenever she gets anxious and the lightning, thunder and rain whenever she can’t control her emotions. After fourteen years in foster care, her uncle Heimdallr finally reveals all. Now she’s got a snarky, hundred year old Elf as her guide through the netherworld, and a large Werebear as a protector. Not to mention Loki’s estranged son has the hots for her, but he’s a Kitsune, or a trickster and the first time they met he tried to kill her. Actually, since finding out who and what she is, all sorts of creatures have been trying to either kill her or hook up with her. Hopefully, if she’s able to survive shield maiden training “Uncle” Odin might let her have her quinceañera in Asgaard. Now that would be truly AWESOME.







Valencia Perez AKA Valkyrie Jones



Heimdallr, Watch guardian of Asgaard and Valkyrie Jones



Heimdallr the Watchguard





Kai, son of LOKI


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