Confessions of a Shapeshifter


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In order to save the woman he lost, a Victorian era Vampire must make her fall in love with him once more.


When humans forged an uneasy alliance with powerful Djinns to save their species, a blood feud was born that would never end. Wealthy, rakish vampire Julian Larouche had a Djinn in his grasp, the beautiful half Djinn Aria of the mighty Marid tribe. Her ancestors were the last line of defense for humans of centuries past, against the vampiric hordes that threatened to annihilate all mankind.


But an imposter now holds Julian’s beloved captive, one who has taken his identity and is slowly driving Aria to the brink of insanity. Julian Larouche must right a terrible wrong, and as he enlists the aid of Werewolf Andre Santana, they’re in a race against time to save Aria, and to stop the rise of an ancient evil intent on possessing her.





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